Why not have your own weapons?

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Why not have your own weapons?

Post by VeryHairyLee »

I know that we all love miniguns, flak cannons, and pulse rifles. But How about you guys make your own weapons better suited for MH? I'm just wondering if you guys have thought about this.

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Post by Flatus »

There are custom-made weapons mods out there, it's up to those running the servers what type, etc to have on them.

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Post by zacman »

I like to go a little stupid with custom weapons in my maps :P Try the Sky Edge on for size-Rapid Fire Razor Blade launcher with a 5 blade spread as Alt and the Primary fire can be controlled, so you more or less have a sword at ur disposal... Then there's my DetPak (No timer, LOOOL) and Runecaster, and various others... Custom weapons are pwnage :P
armymen wrote:can some people make a warhammer 40k story using ut weapons cause i know im no good at making levels or nuttin like that

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Re: Why not have your own weapons?

Post by Section 8 »

Kitten Cannon.

'nuff said.

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Post by waffles »

Nali Weapons ftw =D
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Re: Why not have your own weapons?

Post by trateloka »

oh, that's right!

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