Greetings Everybody

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Greetings Everybody

Post by sevenfortwenty »

I am male, human, old and from Europe, live alone, have no pets or wifes and enjoy a poor but free life.

I am Seven for Twenty.
Not at all related to SevenOfNine!!!
It is more a moniker for my abilities, like people say:
"i am 2 for 2 regarding hitting that metal target at the shooting stand at the village fair"
So i am pretty bad at these fast "shooter" games.

Which is one of the reasons why Unreal Tournament 99 is my favourite one, i play games to have fun.
Not to work or prove myself to others by winning a game or "killing" them.

A loong time ago, when i first played UT99, I found out that in UT99 i can play with bots AND
win from time to time, WHILE having really really good bots to play with compared
to being slaughtered completely when playing with humans.
You guys (and gals) are simply too good. (and i am not good enough mostly)

And other games either had/have no bots at all or pretty bad ones where killing them is no fun as it is so easy.
Even against bots i do not like to cheat, it kinda ruins it all.
There is obviously something rewarding beating some other human being at a game,
but UT99 is just too fast for me (and faster even in onlineplay).

I tried the later Unreal titles but... It is just not the same.
Even though i really like the better character models of UT 2003 and up,
Those later games JUST are too... how to say... "playstationy"
Similar to how TES-4 Oblivion is to TES-3 Morrowind.

After some years outside in the rain i now want to get into UT99 again and maybe even find
some casual, old, slow UT-99 players who like to play with an old, slow fleshbag.

Now i better stop before i make myself totally unattractive (or become a target in the game forever)

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Re: Greetings Everybody

Post by medor »


What country are you from Europe ?

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Re: Greetings Everybody

Post by sevenfortwenty »

medor wrote:Hi

What country are you from Europe ?
I live in the land of Many Germs *winks*
But i do not associate with properties as Birthplace, Origin or Residence *smiles*
After all, we cannot choose those.
What we Do makes who we are, not where we come from.

(You probably just asked for multiplayer purposes, sorry for all the :blah: then. Germany would be the short, nonriddly answer)

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Re: Greetings Everybody

Post by Hook »

Hello there sevenfortwenty and Welcome! :2thumbs:
I am old too and play similar to the way you do.
Check us out sometime. :)
(see my Sig below) ;)
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