Asymmetric CTF maps

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Asymmetric CTF maps

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Officially UT has 6 asymmetrical CTF maps: Command, EternalCave, Gauntlet, Kosov, LavaGiant and November. To some extent we can also call "asymmetrical" to High (the upper Sniper ledge) and Niven (symmetrical design, asymmetrical weapon/item layout). Unofficially I know there's SpoonDog's CTF-DarkAges, I don't know if there's another asymmetrical map.

Which of these maps is your favourite? Mine is LavaGiant, as it offers the same amount of winning chances to both sides of the map in spite of both bases being different. Command is more open for the blue team than for the red team. EternalCave has that damn Blue base bridge to the flag biasing the whole ordeal to the Red team. Gauntlet scores second/third place, to some extent, with both flag bases sharing the same design but having different routes to them per side. Kosov has only two ways between bases and these don't intersect, which hurts the gameplay a lot. And November has the damn ladder to the Blue flag base and that damn Red base sewer. It says a lot that the Clan Edition (which also made possible UT200X's CTF-December and CTF-January) deleted these areas. Niven just sucks, even for its intended playercount. And High needs more (and better) ways to storm the enemy base.

DarkAges completes the podium pushing Gauntlet to third place.
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