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are these up and running?

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Re: redirects

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Like this site? Consider a donation to help with server costs.

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Re: redirects

Post by shug »

It's a relief to find a community that still supports a UT99 redirect, fairly rare these days!

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Re: redirects

Post by hYro »

Yes great redirect and fast even though I am from UK but believe this is in USA ? (not sure but guessing as they charge in $ for private redirects)

I have my own redirect but for some reason it sometimes my server does not use the redirect and send files slowly directly from the game! I guess my host is too slow responding? maybe a setting I can change I don't know. So I am using UT-FILES instead no problems except:

There is a map a member wants to play but the file from UT-FILES seems to crash our UT, however upon putting the files in the UT folders it works fine, so I am guessing the UZ file on this redirect is corrupt?

Anyway gonna ask UT-FILES admins if they can replace the file otherwise sweet :)

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Re: redirects

Post by Xanx »

Hi there,

I'm glad there is a free and huge redirect server:)
I have some files to upload.

I hear when i can acces.
Greetz... Xanx® (Arthur)

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Re: redirects

Post by robbot »

Hey guys, I'm new here and was wondering if i could access to redirects?

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Re: redirects

Post by virtualarea »

Hello, yes i hope too, redirect is a good thing , but in past was it easy to use redirect from

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Re: redirects

Post by WidowmakerUT99 »

It's a huge time saver. Better to D/L the file from redirect than to wait 15 min d/l ing the file from the running server and burning up all the bandwidth.

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Re: redirects

Post by Blofeld »

Redirection is working fine, thanks for this great service.

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Re: redirects

Post by hzhsilenthunter »

Yeah I do appreciate your redirect services keep up the good work...

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