Still alive here lol

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Still alive here lol

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i didnt kno where to put this, but i guess ill put it here.

Hello PMH family,
It has been a while sense ive been on but i come with great hopes for all for u.
Admins, Moderators, Players & Guests for whom have blown the dust off this 1 GB video game n came across a server filled with great Player-made maps along with a ton of mods alike. For u(and i, where i found the game at a yard sale n said "I fuccing love that game! i have to have it!" n got it for a dollar, no scratches, almost brand spanking new! GOTY Edition too!!! Be an idiot not to take that offer up.. anyways..) and the majority of us who were playing it sense it came out, or as kids, found this server n it had offically become Planet Monster Hunt. The sweet part was, for such an old game, we had quite a bit of people playing. Clans started growing, most of the rooms were full 75 % of the time, we kept up with each other, made friends, started working on mods n other programs together n so on, it was like we all had made a little community of Players & friends. That wuz during my summer break n even during school i still played hardcore with Hellsniper, GoPostal, Hottie, Bozzy, Hellrazor, SKILLZ!(Still got a fresh ass car prolly, lol) N for the ones i left out, as well as the ones i did, I give u all thanks, n my best hopes for u. ALL. I made friends, played a game in which i enjoy; that wuz the shit!! haha. Ending this, likewise to whut ive said, keep on playing, who knos, maybe UT99 will begin to have alot of ola players on here again.

Sign it;
Forever a gamer,
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Re: Still alive here lol

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Hey, Welcome back - from one "old timer" to another! :bigthumb:
We're still going STRONG!!!
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