You Stupid bot!

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You Stupid bot!

Post by zacman »

...Is what I am constantly saying. Example: I was GOING to use the Followers from Operation: Na Pali in a MH map, they're pretty good (Nali troopers and Mercenaries HELPING the player!!!) BUT... The Bots killed them all! Perhaps a friend/foe bot system could be added to MH. The WORST part is I set Bcananger to False, so the followers just LET the bots kill them :mad:
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Post by {MK4}HELL§N|PE® »

Thats stupid they all ways do that change their difficulty
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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by Section 8 »

UT99 has some of the worst AI in the history of life, just sayin'.

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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by Skillz »

Section 8 wrote:UT99 has some of the worst AI in the history of life, just sayin'.
Actually, you are wrong. In 1999, Unreal Tournament's AI was what everyone compared too because it was the best.
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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by comoestas »

dude, that's an awesome idea!

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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by War_Master »

Usually, those followers are subclasses of ScriptedPawns (Monsters) which is what bots are to attack in MH. Also, mods like UTJMH cancel damage from monster to monster and of course those followers wont be able to help you kill a monster.

The best way is to make a subclass of the Bot class in order for the followers to work like the regular bots do. That will take a little bit of coding though, specially the animations for the mesh you're using.

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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by Sebbo »

Haha, how can you not love stupid bots, this game would not be fun without them :)

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Post by waffles »

Bots can be funny sometimes, but not always, but usually, hehe.
Bots kill cows and nalis for nothing and that's a side affect.
But bots shouldn't be online until the minimum players joined.
And is it me, or did some posts here got deleted?
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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by Nelsona »

Zacman, you posted craps here, and not only here, you need to test more if you want to find an answer. Did you ever tested a reedited map or by summoning some CoopMonsters for test in hunting ?
Unusefull, your monsters will do 0 damage to other monsters because of mutators. Removing mutators is a bad ideea because of MH bugs, also the nasty and worse thing that will happen if some monsters kill more CoopMonsters, the server will be completely halted, the log interrupted is the most ugly bug, I didn't see any post about it, is the same bug when a teamcannon touched by a monster or more will open fire against monsters and suddenly server will be with 9999 ping, and bye. Some retards made maps with cannons for an assumed helping of players. Cannons of course will not fire the monsters because they are also some pawns like monsters and are not interested by pawns, cannons are hunting only enemy teams (players & bots). Only if by mistake a monster hit the cannon, the cannon will open fire and after some kills will totaly freeze the server. Did you ever see MH-LostSouls ? Why there bots not hunting Mercs ? How can you tell such bolshits ? Bots killed my coop monsters. Are you sure about they were coop monsters ?
Did you heard about package TeamMonster.u. There are CoopMonsters assigned to team 0 by default as you and bots. Also I can show you more in my server if you are interested. Another interesting mod is MonsterMadness. In MonsterMadness all monsters are in a single enemy team as players, even they can pick relics, shieldbelts, etc. Also they can use playerstarts for respawn.
Read more, before write craps.

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Re: You Stupid bot!

Post by Nelsona »

And for completing this subject, after another tests:


STUPID BOT = No knowledge about A.I., no respect for EPIC's work.

STUPID BOT = Where did you see that ? Which map made by a retard ?

STUPID BOT = Make yourself a savant one if you have balls and brain.

STUPID BOT = In my first meet with Liandri Invasion and Arden Valley bots were my guide, a long time ago.

STUPID BOT = Did you ever remoded a map with bot support ?

STUPID BOT = They can look like a stupid even in usual CTF maps because of bad mapping, make correct triggers for them and will see the results.

Some concluzions about bots. They hunting any other team player as a first priority, and all pawns considered anoying in their way to destination as a second priority. MonsterHunt is based on that second priority and their victims can be any pawn. If a monster is too far from them and is not considered dangerous they will ignore it. If a monster become agressive they will give an adequate reply. Also if you put a player BOT from another team in their face, and also a monster, they will open fire against player and then will hunt down the monster. That's because Epic didn't programmed Monster Hunt, is not possible to make a boss monster an Assault Target for them, you must use some tricks if you want them to do that. Their style in Monster Hunt is DeathMatch style not Assault. Monster Hunt is:


class MonsterHunt expands TeamGamePlus

class MonsterWaypoint expands Keypoint; //not an Assault TARGET
MonsterHunt(Level.Game).LastPoint = Position;
bVisited = True; //They visit this point and then bye, mission completed
bEnabled = False;

And first learn more about that and then will see who is guilty for bots behavior.
They hunting in MH maps only if map had paths (blue paths), and is not a priority for them small places, red paths are used only if they are in danger, also some red paths are wrong given by editor.

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