Double Domination For UT - Released

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Important Notice:

The official website was hacked recently, and we are tryign our very best to get it back up and running. Hopefully it should be back up and running around Febuary 1. :)

What is Double Domination?

Double Domination is a two team game only, with only two DDOM points, one for Red, and one for Blue. Your team MUST hold both of the points for 8 seconds, and when you have done that, your team gets a point. When you get a point, the next round commences. The average team score target in a map is around 3-5.

What is included in the release?

6 Maps
2 1v1 Maps
7 "Bonus" maps
The official trailer

About 1000 MPH Studios:

1000 MPH Studios is a development group that develop modifications and addons for the original Unreal Tournament. The list below will tell you exactly what divisions we work on:

•Gametypes & Total Conversions
•Music & Sound Packages

The forum is where most of the activity will be going on. Register and take advantage of this, because you might miss out if you wait too long. ;)

Double Domination for UT - Credits:


UN||Lauren Aka Lauren "Laurrie" Taylor
Jorn Blitzy





Trailer :



#the links to dl file :

mirror1 umod ... einfo.html
mirror2 zip ... einfo.html

1000 mph studio's also present's : Liandri's deathly kingdom's expansion pack.

This is a expansion pack for ut that will include loads new skins,maps, gametypes and other's
keep your eye out for future news.

Added after 13 minutes:

if anybody noticed i stuck the wrong trailer on, it is correct now Ut devlopment team Mapping and modding site


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Wow.. The new maps are looking awesome :cool:
Sad almost nobody plays DOM anymore...
It was fun with Insta. :lol:

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