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Short website video

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Skillz I'm curious. Have you ever considered making a server/website video to showcase what PMH is all about? I was looking through my stuff I saved from 2K4 and I found this:
Invasion Vault

It's a short (~2 minute) video I posted to pimp my website when I had it running. It only took about an evening to make, mostly due to the custom statics that had to be added to the maps and to model the actual invasion vault itself. Also I had to mix the sounds and that took a bit of time to sync with the video stream correctly.

The quality isn't as good as I'd like. I should have fooled around more with the video compression because it can be a little blocky in the dark parts. If I ever make another mini-movie it will be way better.

Anyhow, is this a project you might be interested in? Most people don't "get" monsterhunt before playing and maybe a short video showing the game in action might be a nice addition to the advertising of the servers and site.

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Post by Skillz »

Sounds like it might work, see if you can get a hold of Twilight, he has recorded and uploaded a few videos here that he's made of MH. Sure he'll be glad to help.
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