Xizdaqrian Checking In

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Xizdaqrian Checking In

Post by xizdaqrian »

Hi all,

Rod Fisk 'XizDaqrian' here. I usually hang out on Redeemer servers, but I love MH and MA also. I'm thinking that maybe we need an RPG system for MH, kind of like for Invasion in 2K4.

Anyway, I've been playing UT since the demo days. Does anyone remember Ondoher's? Props to Ondoher, I know he's still around. Greetz to Hermskii, Shrimp (if you're around), Meat, QAPete, and all the other champs of our community. I know there are some names I left off. Please accept my apologies for it.

Maybe I can contribute something if I get time.


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Post by gopostal »

Good to see you join up Rod. Glad you stopped by.

I'm also a long time UT'er, converted from the AGUT newsgroup (it died out a couple years ago). I ran a few invasion servers and did some RPG coding and monster creation but got bored of it and found monster hunt.

I've tossed around the idea of adding some aspects of RPG but I'm not sure how much is possible. The fact that there is no rpg for UT99 tells me something won't work with it, but I don't know what that is. Skillz has advanced the idea of stat tracking with MH and that's something we are looking at adding. If that can be done without recoding MH, then I see no reason why a "levels" system can't be added, and a level-based bonus system by extension. A true RPG though, I just don't know. Anyone ever seen a definate on this somewhere?

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Post by vincent285 »

welcome mate have a nice time in the forums

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Post by Skillz »

Welcome to PMH.
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Post by Alucard »

Have a good time here. And welcome.
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