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JB is a blast if you get enough live players. The bots are just jail fodder and not bright enough for the gametype. With a mid-size group and larger JB can be great fun.

MH on the lesser maps but maybe mix on a few mods. Give Hell a few insta games, maybe add some other stuff for a game or two.

Coop is really fun too if everyone can keep up. Often it just turns into a race with three or more people. The maps are all designed for single person so a group can plow through quickly. If you run coop Blizz, feel free to admin summon a bunch to keep it challenging. I've had some fun times with admins on coop servers who would stick monsters where you werent expecting them and surprising you. That sort of thing is hard on you, but great fun when you are a player. Having things changed on the fly to adjust to what the group is doing adds a lot of fun.

Speaking of cheats, did you guys know playersonly won't work in MH? I was trying to get it to work for the screencaps but it won't at all.

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TwilightAmbiance wrote:Let me know of a time when it's decided and I'll see if I can make it. :)
He is alive!!! :eek3: :eek3: :noes: :noes:
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