Xfire Thread

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Xfire Thread

Post by Skillz »

In this thread, you will just post your xfire username.

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Forum Name               Xfire Name
  Skillz                   2399Skillz
  TwilightAmbiance         twilightambiance 
  Rob                      rob59

Not sure what Xfire is?
It is the gamers instant messenger. Allows you to see what games your friends are playing and where.

Not sure how to get it?
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Post by TwilightAmbiance »

twilightambiance :)

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Post by Rob »


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Post by shadow342 »

shadow342 :wavey:
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Post by {MK4}HELL§N|PE® »

{WINGS}HELL§N|PE® (hellsniper911)
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Post by <GF>-REX!! »

On Xfire, I'm gfrex

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Post by ^_^Bozzy^_^ »

my xfire name is bozzyfool
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Post by H꣣Fï®è »

Xfire: Zarksniper

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Post by Khazzor »

Mine is "khazzor"
Without Quotes of course
Name in Xfire it's: DaeDaLuS
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Post by Flatus »

It's below here, within my xfire sig. :)

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