Unreal Tournament 3, do you play it?

Do you have UT3?

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Post by Skillz »

Yea man, thats cool.
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Post by XYZ8000 »

I'd like to see your maps too :)
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Post by gibbed »

yes, ut3 is a good game, but i like all the way ut moves better so i play it more. :wiggle: :lol: :cool: :) :meh: :eek3: :squint: :wtc: :naughty: :hsdunno: :nono: :ugh: :hs: ;)

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Post by monstersbeware! »

GOD ut3 FRigging Blows My mind away!!!!!! i have it and ive gotten pretty good at it but why isnt any1 playing online??

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Post by EA_Elemental »

Galtanors Invavsion Mod is good on it :D thats got monsters in it.... well when i say monsters, i mean mutant rats, bunnies and **** + some Skulls which are dumb... and some annoying robobugs

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Post by Alucard »

It has issues tho, Server admins don't have half as much power as they have in other unreal games.
You can clearly see a lot of stuff was designed for consoles... I hate the menu and user interface.
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Post by gopostal »

I bought it, installed it, played literally 30 minutes then uninstalled. I gave my cd key to PingFre@k for his help in explaining weapon coding to me and never played again. I'd send my DVD's to anyone that wants them, editor DVD included. You'll have to punt for a key though, or contact ping and see if he ever used it.

I hated the gravity, the players feel 5 feet wide, and all the levels have the same damn urban gothic theme.

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Post by ^_^Bozzy^_^ »

i hear its alright but due to the lack of online players its not worth buying maybe just borrowing or renting but i might buy it sum day

to me the best ut ever STILL is ut99 it cant be replaced and is still quite popular i figure its like fine wine it seems to get better with age alot of old games ppl play and say wow look how poor the graphics etc. is now compared to modern games but with ut i still think just how amazing the game is everytime i play it plus its seems to me anyway more modable and upgradeable than any other game i love it i hope it never fades away and remains unplayed
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Post by {MK4}HELL§N|PE® »

Ain't this an old topic Bozzy it's ok to post but try not to post in old topics please. :bowdown:
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Post by {MK4}HoTTieHoTHoT »

i hav ut3 on my pc and i havent been playin it in a while. but i do hav it.

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