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[FragNight] - Fridays Public Get Together!

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:20 pm
by isense
Hi All!

**This thread is made with the purpose of gathering some enthusiastic people together to share passion of the game and to have some fun!
Join in on Fridays around 20:00pm CET (CentralEuropeanTime)

Check the #Events channel on UT99org Discord for more updates!
UT99org Discord link ->
Server Info ->

Maybe too late for this thread, doing it anyway.
The oldskool classic forum way!
Trying to organise some public (UT99org) activity.
Spammed around a few discord servers and got a bunch of people who gave their interest:

- CoppyhopThePanEnby (UnrealMultiplayer)
- Xaleros (UnrealMultiplayer)
- Dat1Guy (UnrealMultiplayer)
- IC2000 (UnrealMultiplayer)
- «Insidiøüs» (UnrealMultiplayer)
- UberPwnR (UnrealMultiplayer)
- Xanious (UnrealMultiplayer
- 1,5 л - Ваша денна норма води (UnrealMultiplayer)
- Johny_Mo (333Networks)
- Papercoffee (UT99org)
- Ven (ClassicUT)
- Myself (ClassicUT)

Everybody from all skill class is welcome!
Trying to get a bit of steady activity around the 20th anniversary.
Not having my hopes up, but just shooting here and there.

Thanks for your time and maybe see you in a few hours!

Re: [FragNight] - Fridays Public Get Together!

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:29 am
by medor