[TributeServer] - ClassicUT99 - All in One (incl coop!)

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[TributeServer] - ClassicUT99 - All in One (incl coop!)

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Hi all!

I thought, it's about time to devote an topic here on UTfiles for the server ClassicUT99.
Click picture, or click [url=unreal://cut99.ddns.net:5555/]here[/url] to check out the server!
Or if you just like to copy paste > unreal://cut99.ddns.net:5555 (NL)
US Mirror: unreal://

Type !V in chat to open vote-menu.
Dedicated to the mission of gathering all most (in)famous played game types/mods, mutators in one server.
Tributing and enjoying these classics till we are not able anymore!

When is the last time you checked out Team/Multi CTF, or even heard "Crrooottcchh Shott!" ?

Q. Is it gonna take ages for me, to enter the server?

A. -No, You will only receive downloads for the GameType playing at that moment luckily!
Redirect is in place. So fast in :tu:

Credits go off course to all UT Mappers who created this beautifull content.
Esp. GoPostal, his source-code is in everywhere :agree1:

Also a BIG THANKS goes out to:

Deepu (UN/MVE/UP)
FeraliDragon (NWIII)
Leo T_C_K (SP Packs & UWeapons)
3 (3's Coop server)
Higor (XCGE)
Sektor2111 (Mindfulness)
Here is a "little" overview:
Any feedback, or suggestions are welcome!
Let me know about those mismatches! ;)
DeathMatch Features:
Instagib, SniperArena, RocketArena, NormalWeapons, Combogib, FoodFight, OldWeapons, EnforcerArena, FlakArena, Mutant1vsAll Gametype, Funnel Gametype, Camper Gametype

Capture The Flag Features:
Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Combogib, Strangelove, Multi/CTF4 Gametype

Team DeathMatch Features:
Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Combogib, Instagib xTDM Gametype

Last Man Standing Features:
Extended Last Man Standing, Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Team LMS Gametype

Camper DeathMatch Features:
DoubleJump, ProSniperX7, dfb_Translocator2

Low Gravity Features:
DoubleJump, Zoom-Instagib DM, Zoom-Instagib CTF, Sniper DM, Sniper CTF

Bunny Track Features:
CheckPoints, HUDTimer, FastRespawn(nosound), !Go <playername>
(Teleport to player: 3 characters of <playername> are sufficient)

MonsterHunt Features:
ClassicMH, FoodFightMH, EXU Weapons, Nali Weapons III, MH Surival Gametype
ClassicMH Weapons: OldWeapons, PitchFork, PSXFlameThrower, Scythe, Axe, Barbie, DeathGas, Hellworm, Impaler2, TranslocatorClassic

Co-op Mission Packs:
- Unreal1 Campaign
- Operation Napali
- Xidia & Xidia Gold
- French Level Pack
- Project Zephron
- Return To Napali
- Unreal PSX Rework - Rise of Jrath

- :!: :!: Now Also includes: "3's Co-op Maps!" - 250+ coop designed and fixed maps from: "3's COOP Server" :!: :!:

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