Mapping - From the ground...UP!

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Mapping - From the ground...UP!

Post by nath2008uk »

Hello. I'm currently in the works of a guide, starting from opening unrealed, to well, as far as I can get.
Sorry if you got your hopes up, but just to let you know

Section 1 is in order. Its VERY detailed for noobs (trust me, its easy to follow) and quite long
It explains the basic buttons and what we want them set at.

Part 1 ~ Opening Unreal-ED

Opening this huge, great program is rather easy actually. Just navigate your self to your UT1999 folder.

C:\UnrealTournament Is mine
From there go into a folder called System, and find a file called "UnrealED.EXE"

Double click this, and after some loading, Unreal ed should pop up!
You will be greeted with 4 viewports, like this.
(Insert picture here of basic, opened unrealed 2)

From the top, left to right you will find:
File > Edit > View > Brush > Build > Tools > Help

From left to right, under these, you will find buttons:
New map > Open map > Save map >Undo > Redo >Search For Actors > Actor Class Browser > Group Browser > Music Browser > Sound Browser > Texture Browser > Mesh Browser
2D Shape Editor > UnrealScript Editor > Actor Properties > Surface Properties > Build Geometry > Build Lighting > Build Paths > Build All > Build Options > Play Map!
(Insert pictures of both?)

On the left, you will find a tall pane with expandable sections. Since there is alot, Im not going to list them all, but hovering your mouse over for a few seconds should tell you what it does.

The ones we will focus on are Add > Subtract > Deintersect >
Cube > Sheet > Cylinder > Linear Staircase... And maybe some others lator on.
Down on the bottom, in the grey, long area, you will find a command box. We shall not be using this. Next to it, on the right you will find a list of numbers. It determines the scale of unreal-units. I recommend setting this to 8 or 16, 16 for now.
The green cube square on the left of the list, when enabled, means that the objects we build, will align AUTOMATICALLY. It is very important that this STAYS on. To the left of that will be a small square with 4 lines coming out of it. Make sure this is enabled (it will highlight green) aswell.

Above each viewport, will be a picture of an old joystick like controller. Press this above each viewport. This will enable a feature, so that when you move something in 3d view, you don't have to lose focus and click on another viewport to see it.
Also above each viewport are 6 small 3d square buttons from left to right :
Perspective (3D) > Texture Usage > BSP cuts > Textured (No 3D lighting) > Dynamic light (your map as it would appear ingame) > Zone/Portal.
To the left of these are [T],[F] and [S]. [T] is Top. [F] is front. [S] is side.
Set the top left viewport to TOP, the top right port to Front and the bottom right to Side, while the left is perspective (3D).

Today we will use Perspective,Textured and Dynamic light.

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Post by nath2008uk »

Im up to part 4 now, By now, after the first 3 NOOB friendly parts, you have 2 rooms, a hallway, and a pool of water lol. But its spoon-fed.

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Post by TwilightAmbiance »

I'm very interested in reading the whole guide when it is finished, as I would like to create my own map one day. Keep us posted! :)

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Post by osiris »

me2 im trying to figure out how to make a monster hunt map but cat figure out so much as putting down the floor. :wtc:

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Post by lauren »

Its very simple once you can get the hang of ued.
I teach alot of people how to make(not tutorial wise, i mean 1 on 1)
Anyone wants any help pm me or send me an email :) Ut devlopment team Mapping and modding site


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