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Zombie guide

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:50 pm
by Gunner
This all about the monster zombies from my experience
here is thier stats
HP: 200
Damage:70 direct attack 100? tackle attack
Legless onces
Damage the same as a zombies both direct and tackle if spawn right near you IT OVER 9000!!! :asshole:

HP: Unknown so far
Damage: about the same? :asshole:

HP: and damage the same to a mega zombie

ATTACKS: JUst like a warlord with deemers

Direct attack: a simple hit but it hurts makes a grunt
"Tackle": A mega jump to you if lands it instant kills you if your under 100 or at 100

LOOK LIKES A: human avatar from unreal gold LEGLESS: like a legless krall that does not shoot a lazer

INFORMATION: zombies are tougher than any monster you fought in MH but they are the perfect combo of all the monsters into a super monsters. They have low hp about a large manta but the damage of queen burst. They often traval in packs to slice your health to zip a normal Hunter with 100 hp no armor is dead in 2 hits but and 199 hp and 150 shield hunter can take about 8 to 10 hits before your "Hacked" by a zombie or zombies

They hate the light so your safe from the them in the "day"
Don't bother using a rocket launcher they will "Tackle" you before it lands
Use a Sniper Rifle or Redeemer to end thier life
Zombies HP vary to a Deadcity 1,2,3 or 4 depends on the map maker
Zombies "act" like a human but more like a monsters
When it night try to hide
There is a zombie called the "SLIMEST ZOMBIE" 45 hp about half the damage they are in only to Deadcity 2 all versions in the bent door in the lab
Finnaly they love robots send in a robot not me please i hate having me be use as bait

May update as i go please correct me to any misspelled or misinfomation :)

Re: Zombie guide

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:57 pm
by {MK4}plaugefauther
thats pretty freken cool dude!
Its about time i learn about other monsters in the game to focuse on int hte game, lik the Fly lol.

Keep it goin!