... UT dying or not ... Effort to keep it alive

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I was on UTchat . com the same one pendragon ran , and was talking to one of our old clan members "RAGE clan" who bought the chat admin rights or he runs it now.

He says he has a bunch of Mexicans asking questions like it just hit that country or something, I imagine other counties sooner or later.
I see some of the same people, like FullmetalJacket, still runs DM server, all us old farts kept it going so long, and maps, mods, forums, file sites, soon the world will be hooked.
It would feel like my computer would be loosing an OS more than a game .

aint dead yet, and is working on my i7 920 all 64bit win 7 pro 64bit , so what the hell another ten years, lol
Hey man.

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There is still the little hope that UT might get someday a new patch (a bigger engine upgrade). Editor working Real time preview suitable emitters, distance fog, mesh per poly collision, direct support of oggs (saving as umx packages) and well much more stuff. I am not speaking bullshit, for those who dont know what I mean: oldunreal and the 227f/g patches.

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I really like to play this on PC.

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^_^Bozzy^_^ wrote:or you could pay the £10 (well cheap) for anthology and get unreal 1 and 2 and UT99 and 2004 like i did, worth every penny.

and any game 10 years + is bound to lose players. i mean how many people do you see playing sega genesis etc... no where near as many as the 360, wii and ps3 so yeah its to be expected.

However yes UT99 is an awesome game and always will be. just like Doom :D

I got the same thing (anthology).

Added after 4 minutes:

Whenever im indoors in my PC, i find the series (GOTY and 2004) relaxing, its quite peaceful playing it and i don't want it to go away.. :wtc:

Meanwhile i'm just going to attempt to edit random things from UT2004 Editor. :hs:
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LOL soon we are more Root-Admins then players :lol:

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lol players will always be the larger number :lol: without players the game would die then if every1 an admin it'd be borin as well i don't know wut to really say as ive never been 1 :hsdunno:
One down a million left....:monstersbeware!

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UT Still exist . And wil be exist to 2012

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Ooh.. the 2012 bs..
How many times did they said this already? :lol:

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H꣣Fï®è wrote:Ooh.. the 2012 bs..
How many times did they said this already? :lol:
In some prophicies, 2012 will be some kind of judgement day... or something like that,its going to be kind of suffering ( i think) and someone will be coming...
In Our religion, its possible that one of our prophets will return... but something needs to happen first... So not really making so much sense because in our religon, there some type of people, we have no idea how they look like, or what they do, last time we were told ages ago that they were eating animal (not sure how) from stealing it from someone elses farms and they requested on of the prophets for help... They locked in a mountain somewhere and one day when they come out, they will terrorise...

But i think thats meant to be before 2012, or after... But i don't remember whats in middle.
So 2012 is some kind of important year, possibly.

So i think they said "2012" a lot of times.
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Re: ... UT dying or not ... Effort to keep it alive

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I do not agree with this statement, UT is very much alive. We (DLD) run two UT99 348 Demo servers, and they are very active. UT99 isn't dying. We have more servers than games which are newer. It may have fallen off a little, but not dead.

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Re: ... UT dying or not ... Effort to keep it alive

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After this bump, now I have full confirmation... As usuall, Waffles posted only craps at PMH forum in 2010 to gain a rank, now those banners posted are dead as his posts. People spoked about UT, the end of UT and he turned subject speaking about an unexistent end of world (yet) - if you do a reasearch you'll see how many retards trusted this bullshit with end of world - yep, people who can think a bit won't believe these kid stories - only GOD knows when we are about to be eliminated not any human dust assumed prophet. We are in 2013 and thanks to the God we can survive even more years if nothing bad will happen with any of us.

Back in topic.
Simple UT end ? More mods messed, maps, noob admins with stupid rules and different other manure in servers. Not the last thing, OS evolutions will lead in incompatibility making UT a heavy deal, UTPG team seems asleep.
New player enter and crash (server or client). Will say to all friends from MSN-s: I tried UT and is worse, do not play it. And people won't join. Will see in last days only root admins playing and their nearby friends. That's it...