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It's tested on KB's server and it will be soon on the MHM server (dU also probably).
So that means it isn't a BETA or V1 or whatever, it's just the final version of the map.
It's short and Unreal 1 looking with a tough skaarj boss.
Hope you enjoy it! :) ... _.rar.html

I used rapidshare so it can be downloaded 10 times, sorry for that.

Later, hellfy.

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Post by Creavion »

1. Without pix I download nothing!
2. Then do not use rapidshare, boy, the internet is full of filehoster... hoster like megaupload, filefactory and co do not have such a stupid download limit. But best is if you get a account on

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Post by Skillz »

..or just upload the map here. :roll:
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Post by monstersbeware! »

:lol: easier to upl here my friend :)
One down a million left....:monstersbeware!

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