MH-Godz2009 (WIP)

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MH-Godz2009 (WIP)

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You Monster Hunters probably remember the MH-Godz and MH-GodzReturn Maps, Well here is the 2009 version of it! (Which may be changed to 2010 because of release reasons and we dont want to rush it :roll:

Anyway, I, Elemental and GTD-Carthage are working on this map. Current screenshots:

Spawn Area (By GTD-Carthage)
Pupae Entry area (By Elemental)

More will be coming as more is created, Hope you like what you see (Better than that old Godz rubbish with the cubes and cylinders randomly thrown everywhere :P)

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Luckycharms91 wrote:nice
That 1st pic looks better than nice! What would be sweet also is that if anyone falls off the edge of any of the platforms there, that they could float back up (like that one area in the map Planeshifter). :wiggle:

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Re: MH-Godz2009 (WIP)

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Any more news on this map ....

Have been waiting for a new Godz map for ages !!
Best MH maps by far IMO


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