Favourite Animé?

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I don't really watch anime, but one series that kept me hooked until the end was Yakitate!! Japan. (A friend got me into it.) I watched all 69 episodes!

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My favourite anime was probably Gantz, too bad the anime wasn't nearly as good as the manga though.

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dragon ball!!

saint seiya rulezzz

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2)One Piece
3)Cowboy Bebop
7)Death Note
8­)Fairy Tail
9)Soul Eater

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I don't watch much anime myself, but one series I liked a lot when I was younger was Trigun.
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Bleach + Deathnote

naruto enrages me. its for 6 year olds.

the people in act act like 6 year olds, cant takem seriously, story lines or WAY to childish, boring, annoying. the voiceovers suck etc. its TERRIBLE. IN MY OPINION naruto is a disgrace to anime and is a bad example.
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Quite right. Oh and I second Zacman.
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Serial Experiments Lain :cool:

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Re: Favourite Animé?

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Dragon ball (DBZ seem)s kinda overratted

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Re: Favourite Animé?

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One Piece is the supreme shonen.

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