RIP Michael Jackson

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It really sucked that he died :wtc:

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I know this threads a little old but...

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Well I know this post is a little old however, personally Michael Jackson died 50 years too late.

His songs are wierd, although some of them are half decent, I hate the guy. I literally cant stand the look of him, he used to scare me when I was a kid.

MJ was a kiddy fiddler, reason he wasn't proven guilty in court?

1: He was famous and he had money?

If you was the judge, would you of sent him down?

He would of had a good lawyer and other such.

Just face the facts, he was a Child in the head, but with a mans body... Well, least before the surgery.

He had tons of plastic surgery to change himself, from the little black boy, into the big white alien looking barbie doll.

This already shows he was insecure about himself and his looks, and also proves his had some serious mentality issues.

He dangled he own child over a balcony.. Does this show sanity? - It shows him for who he really was, a lost little child with no security in his life. Living the fame and glory of a popstar also wouldn't of helped him.

Anyways, he had his own little "Wonderland". Where he invited kids all the time to stay. And gave them "Jesus juice" who the hell names a drink jesus juice? Why would he get them drunk?

Although I never really knew all about jacko, you can just tell the way he was that he wasn't right in the head. He was as I said above a big child. But with a mans body, mans instincts however because of the childlike mind he always wanted these kids to be his "Friend" hence the Wonderland.

Chances of him not being a kiddy fiddler? - More chance of a pig evolving into a bird.

My last 50 cents on it. Like I said, he died 50 years too late. He was never and will never be a Legend to me. Just another sick perverted freak that happened to become famous.
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