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{MK4}HoTTieHoTHoT wrote:well theres lots of ppl that r fags to me and hellrazors one of them, pretty much everyone except for plaugefauther , u bozzy, hellsniper, and hellsnipers sisters are the ones that arnt to me but everyone besides them r yea. but im tryin to ignore everyone else bec they dont know hw to be respectfull to ppl
If you're trying to ignore people, then shut the hell up and quit typing like an 8 year old talks. Be careful who you call a fag, I'm happily married. PMH should ban kids like you who act like this, it's just so pathetic. And how is someone a fag to you.....that makes no damn sense. Because calling someone a fag is very respectful. Everytime I read what you say, I can hear the marble rolling around the tin can. You fail at ignoring people, TRY HARDER!!!