server updates and major upgrades i need a hand

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server updates and major upgrades i need a hand

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hi and welcome to my topic.
i am planning to update/upgrade my server i have started to learn about UNREAL SCRIPT. i did the MyFirstMutator,MyFirstTrigger and the test trigger about texture when walking
pass it u get a new texture on your player and/or if u push a box pass it the box gets new texture that was fun to do.

but i need more i have the 1A - UNREAL SCRIPT BIBLE and others but i don't have the skills to understand how to use them. :hsdunno:
i need more tutorials about unreal scripting. i like the video tutorials on i did one of them but the
other one is to hard to see and it did not work.

things i want to do to my server. i want to make a welcome screen :2thumbs: when people join and if they quit and come back in 5mins they do not get the welcome screen again. maybe
like they quit for 1hour be4 they can get the welcome screen again :blue: .
things i want to do to my server. i have been thinking about many more things. :bash: like i want to do a ranking system based on points. and have up to 3map Records on one map
like u get 100points if u have the 1st place and 50points 2nd place and 25points 3rd place. and u can get 1 point if u cap a map (not record cap) but u can only have a max
of 10points per map. so if u have 1st 2nd and 3rd place and 10 caps u have max points of 182points :coold: per map. and u get 1 point per hour.

to make it more crazy :noes: lets make a shop so u can spend your hard earned points on upgrades like a light for your weapon and many more things from character skins to more
and i want the welcome screen to have tabs 1st will be welcome screen 2nd will be the ranking system (your rank) 3rd will be the shop. and i want it so u can put !shop and the shop
screen will pop up.
writing is not one of my strong suits sorry about the hard read. :doh:

thank you for your time. :love:

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