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Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:56 pm
by Hook
MEAT wrote:it's a joke...although it is a one of a kind mod that no other server has AND a mod that you tried to have copied.
('re idea but you couldn't get it developed. Wonder why?)
Yes, the seek-deemer/pursuer - was MY idea, but you took it in a blink and say that I copied it??? NOT!!! :nono:
WHERE IS THE COPY??? :dunno: (another lie from the LIE King!)
Actually, we COULD develop it (but NOT a copy!), we were going to do something different - but we decided it, yours wasn't that good - kinda boring actually (according to a lot of players feedback on your Mrs. server too) - so it is on OUR back burner for now.
We may add it as a side feature at a later date, as it is no good as a main feature.

I NEVER tried to copy, and Never copied, ANY of your mods!!! - who would? LOL :lol:
I certainly don't want them! :dunno:
Like I said, if anything, YOU copied my idea!!!
Our coder developed our own - yes he/we did it, he is a PRO-Coder! (he does it for a living) - and it is a way better mod!!! - so don't say he/we couldn't do it. ha! :boink:
We LOVE our PirateDeemerCMM mod! :love:
It can be just about ANY weapon we choose with over 70+ ini settings to adjust and change it. :2thumbs:
Your mod is Nothing like it!
MEAT wrote:As for fake players someone had them on your server. Just assumed that was you.
Might of been Lucifur?
Very Bad assumption on your part! (and Lucifur would NEVER do that - NEVER Ever!) :nono:
I thought it was YOU and YOUR gang (trying to make us look like we use them LOL) - that is what some of our server admins were seeing with the IPs and player actions they said!
And, I see "players" on your server, just sitting for hours on end, boosting your rank for you - or is that YOU doing that through your many aliases? ;)
MEAT wrote:Although it's funny how the fake players disappeared after I started a thread on
You called them off (took them out of Our Server) about then I would guess, so you could then post about it without being caught? - and we noticed that those suspicious IPs disappeared from our server also about then! LOL :boink: Hmmm
MEAT wrote:But before I reactiviated MRS was ranked 70th and in that 6 weeks span I shot up to 59th in the GT rankings.
Granted my server is 6 years old and not 3 or 4 years like yours so I might have a more loyal following.
70th? - I doubt it!
Actually, CMM hasn't been up for more than 1.5 yrs - and it has been on and off. (something like that)
* Hmmmm, JackGriffen aka Gopostal said it took you less than a week - wishful thinking? Oh well * :blah:
Called all your "players" in to log into your server to jack your rank back up? - I saw them "swarm" your server, parked there for hours around the clock, 24/7, when you fired it back up. LOL (good idea) :naughty:
I gotta say, they do work hard to keep your server's rank up.
A few of your loyal servant players always come in to your server when that rank starts slipping, don't they! :boink:
Oh and having the threat of the BANNING by you of any MRS players seen on other redeemer servers is for sure a big boost to your MRS server ranking! :naughty:
(the ban threat was disclosed online from a few recent "former" MRS players - players once close to MEAT and are reliable sources) :boink:

We just PLAY and have Fun on our servers. - Because we WANT to LOL! :2thumbs:


OK - NOW, Back to Reality! :meh: (from a hijacked thread)

Another New version of our PirateDeemerCMM should be coming out pretty soon.
With a few more goodies and/or features - And, with another new Alt-Fire mode also that should prove interesting. :noes: :boink:
It may encourage more sneaking around and stealthily hunting down opponents. :boink:

Stay Tuned Folks!

Oh and...
So don't be fooled by copy cat redeemer the best...CROSSBONES Lucifurs MISSILE MADNESS {CMM}.
Oh, wait a minute, we do Not have Any copy cat servers - we are the only one with our stuff. :2thumbs:


Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:51 pm
by Hook
Just a note to you all - a tidbit of News.

We have Updated our PirateDeemerCMM mod from version 011 to the New 012 version.
* PirateDeemerCMM012 *

We are still tweaking and adjusting it, but it is getting pretty darn cool now. :boink:
The "Creeper" is really down right Beautiful to watch now!

The "Lob" version is catching on and to some is almost irresistible to use.
To me Lobbing the missile shells is really fun, rewarding and addictive - and it requires some skills to make them go where you want them to bounce and go! :cheesy:
We are Currently running "Lob" as a secondary right-click (Alt-Fire) mode with "STINGER II" and "HOWITZER".
Each version of "Lob" is set up differently - FYI.
I am thinking about adding a Slow, delay-fused "Lob" to Creeper or other configurations for fun.
It would be like laying "Nuke" mines with the delayed explosions, I would think. hmmm COOL!

Also, the Faster Guide Speeds (adjustable) are very nice, makes guiding really worth while!
You can now have a much better chance of chasing down those tricky, fast opponents. te he

On our {CMM} server now.
(A good Fast Connection also - even for those in Europe and other countries)

We also had our Redirect Fixed now, it works Great and it is Super Fast now also.

Just an FYI for those of you who play at CMM - and for those of you who don't I guess also.

Thanks - and Enjoy!

For you "CROSSBONES Gamers" Members - Yes, we are PLAYING TONIGHT on {CMM} for sure!
We Play EVERY Night on CMM! :2thumbs: And every day too. :boink:
Join us if you are able to give the new 012 version of PirateDeemerCMM a run through.


Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:57 pm
by Hook
Oh, in addition to the news above -> one more thing... :eek3:
Been working on yet another New Configuration for the PirateDeemerCMM012 mod - "
COLOSSUS" :eek3:
Colossus - usually means something Hugh or Gigantic (big) :bowdown:

The name comes from the word "Colossal" ...
co·los·sal | Extremely large
- a colossal amount of mail
- a colossal mistake
- a colossal Explosion
- a colossal damage amount
(of a giant order) Having more than one story of columns
(of a statue) At least twice life size

It was pretty awesome testing it out the last few nights.
I could watch the Blast from this Beast ALL day and night - Pretty indeed! :boink:
I don't think anybody could out-run the Guided Missile from Colossus! :dunno:
This Monster is best used in larger, more open maps, but with a good amount of places to hide - mainly from the shock waves! WOW!
You WILL need to hide when this Beast goes off! :lol:
Still more testing and tweaking to do now. (and FUN playing)

Colossus will be the 8th (or 9th?) Configuration of PirateDeemerCMM012 available to play on {
CMM} now.
Stay Tuned! :p


Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:31 pm
by Hook
Just a tidbit! ...
Nine (9) Different Redeemers At Once! (actually 10) In ONE (1) map and game! :2thumbs:
All of them (so far) from the ONE (1) mod, our New PirateDeemerCMM012 mod!
And it runs Smooth and Good! :boink:
This is at the Top of Column 2 in MapVote (nbDM - "nb" stands for No Bots - only 1 actually)
(Test and Training section on CMM - a place to try out ALL the deemers currently running on CMM)

Read about it here... ... t1257.html

Remember - this section is mainly for training and trying out all the "current" deemers without bots bothering you.
But, many like to play this No Bots section just for the FUN of it.

COOL!!! :naughty:



Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:19 pm
by Hook
One word: "TIME-Bomb" (still tweaking but FUN to play already)


Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:37 pm
by Hook
Hook wrote:One word: "TIME-Bomb" (still tweaking but FUN to play already)
Oh PS: We now have a new test version added to our PRO-deemer in our {CMM} server - "TIME-BOMB"
Set them (the shells) - and forget them LOL :naughty: - at least until you hear them go off and all those screams of your opponents! :noes: :hsdunno:
3rd column of mapvote at the bottom - testDM is the prefix.

Oh also...
Ever play on MRS - MEAT's old server? LOL
Well our "PRO"-Deemer mod PirateDeemerCMM012 goes way further, and makes MRS a pretty boring place compared to our CMM server. :boink:
Give CMM a try is all, and you will see - play all the deemers (currently about 11 or 12)
Oh, and we at CMM will NOT ban you if you play other servers, like MEAT does LOL :roll: (or did anyway)


Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:59 pm
by Hook
Well, the POLL is done and the Votes are in and inspected from the POLL and also from the MapVote Votes on our {CMM} server.
"Which PirateDeemerCMM versions do you LEAST Like?"

The First Changes have been done, (but MAY be still tweaked), - and are as follows...

OK - the Changes to
CMM's PirateDeemer Line Up have been implemented - Phase I was done!

ALSO, (for now) with PHASE I, the MapVote Column versions have been set up as follows ...
New (for now) Scenario ...

MapVote Column 1 =
BIG-BOOM W/Zoom + BIG-BOOM W/Guide (together in ONE game - no change) MapVote Prefix = "bbDM"

MapVote Column 2 =
STINGER II w/Zoom + STINGER II w/Lob (together in ONE game - no change) MapVote Prefix = "s2DM"
NO BOTS (NB) (1 map for Practice with ALL weapons except TIME BOMB) MapVote Prefix = "nbDM"
KABANG W/Guide (by itself in ONE game) MapVote Prefix = "kbDM"

MapVote Column 3 =
The HOWITZER w/Zoom + The HOWITZER w/Lob (together in ONE game but NO KABANG) MapVote Prefix = "hwDM"
TIME BOMB (by itself in ONE game)*(maybe add a "Guide" version?) MapVote Prefix = "tbDM"

MapVote Column 4 =
THOMPSON w/Zoom (by itself in ONE game)*(maybe add a "Guide" version?) MapVote Prefix = "thDM"
COLOSSUS W/Guide (by itself in ONE game) MapVote Prefix = "coDM"

NEW - NOTE: We Added a few KABANG maps, 7 of them, with only the KABANG version.
This KABANG is With Guide. YAY :naughty:
See above - In Column 2 of MapVote.
KABANG packs one of the Biggest Punches of all the "current" PirateDeemer versions.
KABANG packs a Wallop!
:bash: :boink:

Also Note: The CREEPER was not brought back, however it is still ONE of the 10 versions in the NB Practice map.

Which brings me to this...
... I will probably be using the new version of MapVoteLA13 - Now called
MapVoteLAv2 :blue:
This will be Phase II - (coming as soon as I am able to get to it) :blah:


Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:25 pm
by Hook
Some News tid-bits...
Well, we are Running MapVoteLAv2 on our {CMM} server now - looking good! :boink:
There may be an even better version coming out soon from one of our esteemed members at HUTP. - Stay Tuned! :naughty:

Also, We now have a new version added to our PRO-deemer in our {CMM} server - "TIME-BOMB"
Set them (the shells) - and forget them LOL :naughty: - at least until you hear them go off and all those screams of your opponents! :noes: :hsdunno:
Great for indoor maps with rooms and corridors!
3rd column of mapvote at the bottom - tbDM is the prefix.
They Love it!

Oh PS: We now have yet another new test version added to our PRO-deemer in our {CMM} server - "HAVOC"
Darn FAST, with a Snappy BIG Blast! LOL :naughty: - they'll never even know what hit them! :noes: :hsdunno:
Great for those Larger Maps!
Havoc even makes huge maps like "DM-[WOLF]vanhelsing3a" seem much smaller!
3rd column of mapvote at the top - haDM is the prefix.
Already a hit!

Also: What is the biggest reason that NEW Players coming into {CMM} have or say for not playing at CMM? (especially players coming from Mrs.)
They Never Knew that {CMM} even Existed!!! :eek3:
I would say that 95% of new players trying out CMM for the first time say this -> "I didn't even know about this server until now - I am saving it to my Favorites! - I WILL be back!" ... when they finally Discover the Fun at CMM! - It is True! :2thumbs: (from our server logs)

CMM keeps Evolving to make it even More Fun, and to Keep it FUN for you the players, far into the future. - We Listen to YOU the Players!

Did I mention we are in the TOP 100 UT servers at GameTrackers?!?!? - Yes! :boink:
The Only PRO-Redeemer server up there - so far! - Thanks Players!

OH, FYI - A MUST Read - IF you Truly Love UT!!! ...
You will NOT like what this "Clown" wants to do!!!
Click HERE -> UT Lover's MUST Read


Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:43 pm
by Hook
Just an FYI...
I took delivery on a New PirateDeemerCMM (now version 013 - was old version 012)
I am still trying it out and doing some testing.
When it is all done, we will roll it out.

The best thing about this new one is the file size - it has been reduced by 2/3 of what it was before. :P
When we are running 12 of these deemers on CMM, that means a LOT! :boink:
Each configuration will be about 2MB less in file size, so that will work out to about 24MB less to download by new players when we get it all set up.
That will certainly make it a lot more friendly to New Players downloading the server files at CMM for the first time, which has been a problem with new players giving up part way through the downloading.
Stay Tuned for more information to come! :naughty:

Have a good day people! :bigthumb:


Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:00 pm
by VRN0wnm3pl0x
I'll have to stop by on your server looks fun!

I've run my Bunnytrack server since 2008, we had another server prior to that since 2005...UT99 is too awesome to die off! :P