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A file (corrupted?)won't download from the redirect server

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:18 am
by Gonzales
Hello, I've uploaded several new ACE files via FTP client to the redirect server to UnrealTournament_Redirect folder, all of them have been uploaded successfully and can be downloaded fine from the redirect server either via browser or via connecting to a UT server, except this one file:

From "due-to-abuse-t2273.html#p14813"
Skillz wrote:By adding the name of the file to the end of the URL and seeing if it downloads. For example. If you want to know if is on the redirect then simply "" If you get a 404 Not Found, it's missing. If it downloads, then it's not missing.
What I get for "" is neither one nor the other, just a white blank page in the browser instead of the file download popup or 404 error, when trying to join a UT server it fails to download the file from the redirect server. Does it mean the file is corrupted somehow? Reuploaded the file 2 more times, but the issue still persist, (not sure whether a file is really overwritten when moving from FTP to HTTP server, if the file already exist, or just the old file is still kept and reuploads are discarded as "why to upload the same file again, if it's already on a server").

So perhaps you could delete the file manually, so I could reupload it again to see if the issue got fixed.
If that's the case, there are the required data:
Redirect: UnrealTournament_Redirect
Name of file:
Date of upload: 13.10.2019 13:50:43 (the first time)
Reason for removal: as described above, refuse to download, perhaps the file is corrupted

Re: A file (corrupted?)won't download from the redirect serv

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:23 pm
by Skillz
File has been deleted.