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File removal from redirects.
Problem or bug on the site.
Corrupted downloads.
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Re: You are not authorised to read this forum.

Post by tonycstech »

Once i see the file disappeared from the redirect folder that means its ready for clients to download upon connecting to my server ?
i can see it working but it does get it from redirect and then downloads it from server again as if they dont match.

I tried to recompress the file and reupload map to the server to make sure that its the same map but does not seem to work.
Do i have to wait even longer after file is moved ?

I later downloaded the uploaded map and it turned out to be little over 500k but one i uploaded was 1.83mb
and extracted it. It turned out to be 3mb instead of 10mn as the latest one i uploaded even day or two ago so it means that its not replacing the old file with new, or not overwriting.

Is there anything i needed to do about it ?

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Re: You are not authorised to read this forum.

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Please refer to your other thread for the solution.

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