TitanRPG.u.uz2 / TitanRPG.ucl.uz2

File removal from redirects.
Problem or bug on the site.
Corrupted downloads.
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TitanRPG.u.uz2 / TitanRPG.ucl.uz2

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Redirect: UT2004
Name of file: TitanRPG.u.uz2 and TitanRPG.ucl.uz2
Date of upload: 18-Sep-2011 04:27 and 18-Sep-2011 04:27
Reason for removal: Outdated per original author
Un-modded: 1radshop.dyndns.org:7777
Modded: 1radshop.dyndns.org:8777 (Under construction, looking for testers & feedback)
-Note: Takes ~10 minutes to download mods

List of mods/leave feedback: teamrad-s-servers-t2007.html

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