Maps that need DELETING!

File removal from redirects.
Problem or bug on the site.
Corrupted downloads.
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Up to date list of the Maps

Post by X920MikeyB »

Hey, following my Map Cleanup post i've decided to help get the official server alot more tidy and clean.

Hence the first steps is removing the completely diablolical maps.

Below I'll post the map name, and the reason it needs deleting. I'll create another thread for some that I think could be fixed with a little bit of effort rather than deleting them.

Although theyre very few and far between, theyre either playable or not.

I'll post the delete list here, the map name, and reasons, then its up to the server admin to remove the maps from his server if he wishes to do so. This is to save the server admins some time. Personally I'm only doing it to benefit the official MH server. However if other server admins want to follow this list then feel free. As these maps definitely need deleting as they are unplayable for some reason or another.

If I hurt anyones feelings or upset anyone in this process or any of the comments then sorry, but im merely stating the facts. Learn by the mistakes and take the time to make a map worth while, or leave it to those that can.


1) Spawn Monsters - You get spawned upon as soon as you start the game.
2) Quad Shot - Bugged (Shows big massive box covering view, doesnt fire)
3) Mutant Boots - These seem to give 20k hp, doubles your pawns size, and you can run faster and jump higher.

This is the major problem, it takes ages to respawn so only 1 player get it at a time. When you die you remain twice the size. And there's a cave after the area with the spikes in which you can't fit through because your twice the size. - Even if you suicide you don't return to normal.

As for the spikes you and the monsters end up getting stuck here.

It's just a very lame attempt at a remake of the official Canyon Map.

Personally, It needs deleting.


1) Very Short Level so not worth fixing. - Very limited monsters.
2) Go through a portal into a purple like tunnel. Because of the gravity you get stuck in the air and can't get down to get into the very small collisioned teleporter. - One guy managed to do it with luck, shortly after the level ended.


1) No map details, "Untitled" no author etc. First sign of a badly planned map.
2) No ammo at the start, when you walk off the edge you fall and look up to see a badly mapped floor. Then you crater.
3) A bit of ammo further on, however the "Clip" ammo is the wrong type.
4) Very Short Level.

Could probably be fixed but hardly seems worth it.


Not 100% sure if this needs deleting however.

1) The level size is 18135k it takes forever to download from the server.
Just before 50% the server crashed. Hence I never got to test or try the level cause it crashed the server.


1) Complete and utter CRAP. - Sorry but its true.
2) Lots of badly built square rooms with BRIGHT, FLASHY effect textures.
3) Very bad mapping.

Its that terrible I just had to screenshot it for proof.

You can't even get up to the top parts, and you fall through a very bad BSP error in the map.


MORE TO COME SOON! - if you know a map on the official server that needs DELETING! Post it here with reasons layed out as I have done to make it easier for the admin of the server to remove the maps if they wish too.

Added after 10 minutes:

Here's an easy list of the maps to be deleted rather than scrolling through the whole forum.

Simple just look at the list now and then to see if any new ones have been added. Ill still post all the maps and reasons here too.

Up To Date Map List
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Post by waffles »

Canyon Se

1: Make yourself in cube and teleporter with it to go out, so you're safe
2: Summon Default Weapons
3: Remove Mutant Boots

Darkest Hour

1: Probably the author's 1st time, don't be bad!
2: Place a gravity gun (from Nali Weapons)


1: Name Map
2: Summon Ammo
3: Increase amount of ammo and summon more in the paths
4: Make it Challenging by tougher monsters


1: Get a faster internet, cable it


1: Not everyone thinks that
2: Decrease Screen Brightness
3: Do you even know how to insert Colours??

So, thats the answers... Sorry if its bad, i'm not trying to be bad.
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Re: Maps that need DELETING!

Post by {MK4}plaugefauther »

dead city 2:

old. over played. but the zombies become a massive swarm too mucch for players to respawn and, too damn old.



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Re: Maps that need DELETING!

Post by Nelsona »

A faster Internet is not an option for a faster download, noob. If the server don't has a redirect the download will be always slow because the player slot speed is not bigger than 20 kb/s in usual manner without hacking server and client. This is also happening if the player is placed in different DNS ways because it take some time to switch connection from UT server to redirect server for getting files required for play, and can lose the redirect in first attempt.

HellFireV3 is a good map, only you are bad.

I'm agree with BGXRAoulhuntmaze2 to be deleted, I personally did it in my server, is a complete crap, you need to fly for finish that, and also others like it.

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Re: Maps that need DELETING!

Post by zacman »

-Remove boots
-Replace Quadshot with the one from Oldskool Amp'd (Most servers have Oldskool files on them because so many people put the fixed versions of the Unreal 1 weapons from them in)
-Either do the aforementioned teleporter method or select the Spawnpoints and move them just outside the spawnpoint

-Never played Darkest Hour
-Hellfire PWNS, don't get rid of it
-BSP Fall through errors can be fixed by simply placing overlapping BlockAlls under them if you don't want to rebuild geometry, and some points on that map can be rather fun, it isn't a "Ooh look at pretty Geo" map, its a pure gameplay map, let down by a few BSP issues

@Nelsona: Depends, the download only goes as fast as both the server AND the client, when I had Satellite, I was taking well over an hour for a package that should have been a few minutes. True, you won't get faster than the server, but there isn't a universal speed that it's stuck on, it can still fluctuate.
armymen wrote:can some people make a warhammer 40k story using ut weapons cause i know im no good at making levels or nuttin like that

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Post by waffles »

Nelsona wrote:A faster Internet is not an option for a faster download, noob.
No you;
Go to configuration and so should the admin.
Edit- Stop becoming next welshboy;
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Re: Maps that need DELETING!

Post by Gunner »

:asshole: Deadcity 2 is a classic since Unreal gold don't remove it remove deadcity2+ but keep the others :asshole:

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