Files for redirect problem

File removal from redirects.
Problem or bug on the site.
Corrupted downloads.
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Files for redirect problem

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In the UT2004 redirectfiles I can see the files of SatoreMonsterPackv120, but these files are having a slow download on my server (with your redirect), while all other files are fast downloading. Seems there is something wrong with the files on your redirect. Now, I've uploaded files a while ago to the redirect, but it's a zip.package, is that a problem? Do files need to be .utz ? Or do you guys do this for me?

Please take a look to the files of SatoreMonsterpackv120 ...

Maybe some capital letters or maybe 1 file is missing from the package.


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Re: Files for redirect problem

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There is a file named "READ_THIS_BEFORE_UPLOADING.txt" on the FTP
it's for read it before upload :squint:
This directory is for the Unreal Tournament 2004 redirection service that is hosted by You can find the URL that shows the contents of the files at Please note that you will NOT see any files in the FTP server that reflect what's on the HTTP server as they are in different locations. Every 5 minutes the files on the FTP get transferred to the HTTP server. This is the same for ALL redirection services.
so .uz2

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