TeamMH: Unable to trigger AdvancedMonsterEnd

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Re: TeamMH: Unable to trigger AdvancedMonsterEnd

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And about some so called {fix} or {fix1}, there are still many craps like those.
In my server I don't need garbage. If author is unknown, I don't ask any permission for a good fix. Many times I opened editor and in 3 seconds I was almost to destroy my computer because of shits discovered. If someone will ask me for permission about a map, answer is: I do what I want with my server computer. I can format HDD, I can set any colour I want, Is my computer, I can put a car on it, a horse, a cow, and I don't talk with any loser about a garbage who crashed my server because of a stupid trigger. I will not work to much for make a bolshit list with remoded maps (who is real author of a remod ?) MH-AS ROOK ? MH-AS Mazon ? MH-AS GUARDIA - is no more assault and not working with A.I.
I'm agree to meet some authors like those in my real life for give them some little corrections.
You can do what you consider is fair play in PMH server but my attitude for garbage is some like this:

function Hate_Author(Admin bhatethat puchauthor'sHead reconstructCrap requestpermission noreconstruct)
var Admin;
If (maplist !=none && AMap = stupid)
Admin.bhatethat = True;
Admin.punchauthor'sHead = True;
Admin.reconstructCrap = True;
Admin.requestpermission = None;
If (Admin = noreconstruct)
Admin = DeleteCrap;


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TheDane wrote:
Is there a way to trigger the AdvancedMonsterEnd actor and finish the map *WITHOUT* letting any player run into the collision radius?
No, there isn't but you can bring the collsion radius to the players :P
Well there is :P One way I used in an (Unreleased) map:

I placed the Monsterend trigger in the Skybox, set to TT_Shoot, and placed a ThingFactory and SpawnPoint nearby that launched a 'deemer (Botpack.warshell) at the monsterend once all the warlords were dead, and that made the map finish (And with a nice Boom in the sky to look cool as well :B)
armymen wrote:can some people make a warhammer 40k story using ut weapons cause i know im no good at making levels or nuttin like that

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