Monster Hunt requests

This is for discussions of the new version of Monster Hunt in the works.
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Monster Hunt requests

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OK guys, I'm starting work on the monsterhunt mod. I printed out all 89 classes (took a pack of paper and a toner fill :lol: ) and I'm highlighting dependancies and problems. Here's what I want from you if you have time:

Any server error lines. Accessed nones, server crash logs, anything MH related. I know a lot of them are map caused but I want to know why the map caused them. There will be some hard limits installed on the mod for certain things to address these issues (like monster view distance for instance). From time to time I'll be running a {TESTSERVER} in the MH tab so feel free to dink around in it if you see it up. I'll leave game password on here and admin login for anyone that wants it via PM.

Over the next few days I'll be writing a mod to log different conditions of the game at different moments so I can get an idea what's going wrong server side. Getting an idea where the problems are by way of the submitted error logs is a great way to know where to look. I'd deeply appreciate if you run a server and suppress your warnings, that you unsupress for an afternoon and shoot me the errors.

All submitted logs are looked at *ONLY* by me and once I canvas the info from them, they are shredded via CC cleaner.

There will be more on this over the next little bit. If anyone wants to lend a coding hand, I'd very much appreciate it.

You can email me the log entries via my address, msn messenger via same, or I can run a simple ftp server to upload there. Whatever is easiest for you.

Thanks for reading!!

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