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Re: Counter Monster Hunt

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:09 pm
by zacman
Nelsona wrote: What if I make monsters to hunt your WarShells like a cannon ? Will be nasty or not ?
Knowing old 99 AI, it will probably result in Skaarj Melee-attacking Nuclear Missiles, which would be the most hilarious thing ever :lol: Unless you could make it just with Ranged and from distance or something... hmmm...

Re: Counter Monster Hunt

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:19 am
by Nelsona
if ( S.LineOfSightTo(aTeamCannon) )
if ( ((S.Enemy == None) || ((S.Enemy.IsA('PlayerPawn')) && (FRand() >= 0.5))) && (S.Health >= 1) )
aTeamCannon.Enemy = S;
If (FRand() >= 0.35)
return false;

By example, here is involved Cannon Vs Monster.

Is clear enough what is here ? I already changed these for Monster Vs Bot in other MH style, and working very well, no more retarded chainsaw. Now what ?
I'm still testing. I'm affraid to involve cannons in party because I want to check first what is happening in scorekill, cannons seems to be a problem if they start killing monsters, I already described this crap.

Re: Counter Monster Hunt

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:13 am
by Nelsona
Maybe this is a bump.

Returning to the subject with playing as a monster I guess some guys were confused by other thing. Without to offend anybody because is a simple reality, a dude :asshole: recreated a fake UTMCoop source code posted at ...

This is proving I don't know exactly what, because such a bullshit cannot ever be compiled. For some reason author removed the code from mod to not be uncompiled correctly, so this source code won't work to be compiled and also is proving a non-original source-code.

Code must look like this for being a source code:

Code: Select all

// MCoopMonster.

class MCoopMonster extends TournamentPlayer
  Abstract //Yea, this is the monster ? Give me a break !

var(PlayerSettings) Class<Weapon> SpecialWeapon;
var(PlayerSettings) Class<Inventory> ToDropWhenKilled;
var(PlayerSettings) float DropProbability;
var(MeleeAttack) float MeleeDamage;
var(MeleeAttack) float MeleeRange;
var(MeleeAttack) float MomentumMelee;
var(MeleeAttack) Sound MeleeSound1;
var(MeleeAttack) Sound MeleeSound2;
var(MeleeAttack) float MeleeSoundVolume;
var(MeleeAttack) float MeleeSoundRadius;

simulated event PostNetBeginPlay ()
  if ( Role != 2 )
  Skin = Default.Skin;
  if ( (PlayerReplicationInfo != None) && (PlayerReplicationInfo.Owner == None) )

event Possess ()
  ClientMessage("(:  You're a " $ MenuName $ "  :)",'Pickup',False);

simulated function PlayFootStep ();

simulated function FootStepping ();
I'm not really expect for everybody to understand what is mean to play as a monster. I guess code is removed to notice about something like: "Pemissions to use this are not granted" or "Let's fool people about playing as a so called monster since they cannot notice what is here".

Other friendly monster classes will attack you anyway because you are very player and very human, there is nothing related to posses a ScriptedPawn (monster) and nothing related in ScriptedPawn code to admit humans like these as being monsters. But, sweet dreams people !

Re: Counter Monster Hunt

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:53 am
by Nelsona
New MH-Cannon prototype solved, erata - ActiveCannon is state aka RangedAttack. No attitude code involved for Cannon.