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Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:22 pm
by Nelsona
Not the last new, I developed other kind of MH (maybe you will find it a dumb one)
Let me introduce some good or bad things:
- indeed RazorJack and quadshot can be used;
- monster vs monster fight is decreased (some friendly slaping but not a dumbass fight)
- Imunity of Slith to any Biorifle is supressed, also other reduced damage;
- no more mercs felt in lava shielded becoming god - bye with the shield;
- queen reduced in teleporting loop (she is pissing me off);
- returning movers become killing movers (for lamers which always try to return lifts wasting time - they are rewarded with death) - a permanent small delay added for too faster movers almost impossible to be moved;
- of course proximity movers can be opened by monsters as well (they can hunt you back);
- BlockMonsters (For me this is a bullshit - is blocking also bots) can be supressed or not (admin option);
- reduced spawning capacity for monsters and configurable value for factories (no more crap spam);
- a few projectiles returning accesed nones were replaced and TentacleProjectiles are replaced with some dispersion projectiles
- all monsters have Intelligence_Human;
- some functions completed and others accelerated;
- etc.

Now, issues:
- Because name of the game to be browsable is MonsterHunt was heavy to alter well MosterEnd (MH-LostSouls), a few things interfering with default MH game;
- for the same reason MonsterWaypoint not working, but cover suport is improved;
- I had to add other function to make monsters to be available in game (this was a problem also for Shrimp), using the same functions will result a crapton of accesed nones, of course the function is added for give their configured skill, will work timed controlled not in AlwaysKeep like usual;
- don't expect to see MonsterShadow (is buggy in NetworkPlay) consuming tick resources I altered it's power against tick to make a faster game;
- some tools in server can alter the skill of monsters (not monsters later spawned which will receive skill);
- maybe can be more or not.

First attempt until final version is named NSMH2, now I completed what I wanted and I have in server NSMH_2.
For a little fun or not, for anybody want this game-type I can add it in my download page. If anybody want source-code, I can send it in private.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:47 am
by medor
First try offile ok with nexgen 112d no bugs found :naughty:

we try online

can you do a scoreboarrd vith countryflags like smartCTF ?

Save link if someone whant it ...

nexgen ... ... ...

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:41 pm
by Nelsona
No need thanks. Can be problems according to server. Not really important but can be, depending on admin options. I didn't stuffed it very much I want a faster and clear MH with basics, that's all. Scoreboard need other replication heavy to complete, I'm affraid to alter something in monsters properties, I don't want to raise again Skaarj bug, or to make other things stupid. Let me inform everybody about a real hard thing overwhelming me.

I was pissed of by missing some monsters from maps (ex: Arden+fix1 = 171 monsters not 168) I resolved problem with a timed function. Maybe is not working so fast but in next version I accelerated timer. Put this mod everywhere you want, is free mod, no restrictions, but do not blame me for some issues because I'm not guilty for ideea to put monsters designed to SP game in a Network game like MH.

Maybe NSMH_2 can be a bit better, check my page again. Scoreboard ? Well I'm thinking if is so important to make other one. If you give me a premium for a better game (a bike, a car) I'm going to make a scoreboard based on some codes from my warehouse.

Now, not the last problem, latest mutator for default MH had some little troubles with Nexgen (I removed Nexgen), a lot of attempts to resolve problems were not really succesfully. I didn't checked this new MH with Nexgen (I already hate it). Colours for clowns can be changed in game (my suggestion is to do this at begining of match - you can lose score if you do this later). That's was the best what I could do, is very hard to resolve all problems from MH, monsters are too lazy, too interested in self fighting, is hard to change some things, but that's it. UnrealShare and UnrealI cannot be so easy altered (they are garbages, huge garbages, I'm dissapointed) but is still a funny and a good game. I attempted to change attitude but they are too easy to be pissed of by other classes and my function can be easy supressed by their native code.

You can ask help from some smart guys (du.Bob, Gopostal, etc.) to implement a scoreboard if they want to help you (they have more experience than me in this job). I'm just a dumbass trying to change monster's attitude. I wanted to be hunted like a rat but is hard to do this.

Thanks anyway if my mod is somehow usefull.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:09 pm
by Nelsona
Bumped or back...

Old versions released were removed, I compiled better versions. I didn't noticed some requests related to a new fixed version, even I didn't see someone asking other MH 504 or whatever and I won't work too much for nothing. I helped people with some MH2 versions modified as needed to follow some Epic rules. At least, I called all monsters in maps not like some in versions wihout certain classes missing from maps breaking action (even I was warned in game about some maps which won't work, but worked (because of mod :P)).

In last mod practiced in server I was wandering about some Shadow and more decals related to MH game, even better monster projectiles not a spam with accesed nones in console. The problem was to keep that so called skill of monster based on a stupid done shadow (in fact is about speed, damage, visibility, hearing, etc., not really skill) after my maths and default properties of a monster skill by default is 0. 0 × Whatever X value = 0. So called skill is just a fake. Here I worked a bit to increase some small decimals. Now I have some Ninja's which are acting pretty good in pathed maps (not any crap), except a few classes with a dumb fear by default, I can enjoy some monsters. Of course I'm not very glad about some Epic A.I. coders delivering a bunch of stupidities in console but I tried to deliver some teamwork for monsters not an interest to kill themselves.

I worked a bit at default function named SetPawnDifficulty from a MonsterHunt.uc controller. Credits to many people involved in all parties with monsters (is a spam to describe all names but will post if needed) including all kind of dumb people delivering bullshits in maps and making me to fix and to crush settings really harmfull or less harmfull for a server. So I'm gratefull to anybody good or bad because made me to think more about what I want to play almost daily.
I cannot say that I worked at scoring system since is about a teamgame not a score hunt. I'm not using any kind of stats or whatever functions to slow down the party. I received some help, but I don't need too many colors, I wanted A.I. not moving carcases blasted easily.

Mod can be added in my downloads section posted if needed and requested.

As conclusion,
I'm certainly more satisfied about what I can play based on subject MonsterHunt = Hunt Monsters & Monsters Hunting.
I saw the mod runing on a Linux Server and Windows Server. I don't want to kiss Mr. TNSE right now for his description about an UT99 server, but I couldn't see so much aggressivity in Linux like in Windows. I admit, the mod is runing relaxed but I don't know why monsters are a bit lazier in Linux Servers. If I see unexpected troubles will update what I have as needed.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:35 am
by Mortiis
Hi Nelsona, where can i get the last version of NSMH2?


Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:48 pm
by Nelsona
I need to look for it If I still have it. I worked to another one, I had a few versions released but later I decided to clarify more things related to this MH and I didn't granted free acces for everybody in server (even if is a temporary
server not not mess up mismatches)

I worked and reworked a version (is an attached MH type - like MHGold and others is just runing near original file required by maps - I don't know if you understand well what is about but I'll try to explain more if you need).

Anyway my last work was (and is) MH_SHDWS_F following some default MH rules and adds:
- a team of players hunting monsters - monsters somehow are a team now - they work together against players not against themselves;
- for default MH, Shrimp wasn't agree with Insta - good - I respect this wish - Insta works but without devastating damage - we don't want replacements to ruin Skaarjs - mod doesn't have any jumping tool - is optional external requirement for cheating maps not for me - also for translocator - here exist another tool for team-play;
- Skaarj using "OLD" weapons have old weapons indeed 99.9% - not unkillable any more;
- There is no longer any green cubed quadshot in this version - Epic sh!t joke;
- OsWeaponsPowerup is enough available as replacement for useless stuff placed in maps for MH (Invisibility, Chainsaw, etc.)
- Default weapon is a kind of Dispersion - Chainsaw cannot kill Tentacles or others;
- Monsters protected at certain damage won't cheat Bots and players with imunity - craps;
- Queens aren't teleporting like retards, they can go in other destinations but not forever (except AlienQueens - to many fixes - maybe I'll do in future something for them finally ;) some replacement ?)
- certain stuff is recoded not collect useless 3 armors like a dumbass;
- bonuses exist (common bonuses);
- Monsters are in a real skill 3 - not fake skill 7 - in skill 7 they won't aim ever normally due to another bullshit original formula - I studied a few codes from GameInfo up to TeamGamePlus and Monster code;
For 1st A.I. (Bots), this version has Bot Support and even some settings related to Bot Support - exist even a "mutate ai" command to see Bot Target in maps with Bot Support (usefull for learning and or developing);
- I didn't noticed yet big troubles for changing Squid mesh (original has a sequence animation missing developing error messages - in other words spam bullshits);
- mod is speaking a bit about map at beginning of match if has or not paths and or waypoints (Bot Support);
- I simply forgot how many things are solved here, so I appologise if I didn't described everything.

I was intended to do a Menu Side to configure everything from a menu but is not the best ever option for a dedicated server - is a waste of time and is enough difficult for me. I tried to solve accesed nones returned by old versions, (Epic accesed nones might still be in a few instances). Anyway from menu is visible a Credits Window because I'm very gratefull for stuff found in mods having explanations what is about, even for authors who released a few interesting codes for me, non-encrypted.

For really retarded maps is hard to see if somebody has a cure or more. In normal maps this one should be a charm (depends on hunter skills - mod is not for chickens).

After all these spoken, I'm no longer host files, but I can send you mod VIA e-mail, or using SKYPE (ID: available VIA e-mail) - even I can share better a few things in private for understanding of configuration and different hints. Use PM for required data.

Even you can have that 2 version but that is older without latest add-ons (server still crashed). So, we can talk in private if you need a small support based on what I learned last time.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:32 pm
by Mortiis
Hi Nelsona, i can't send you pm, because forum don't let me do that, if you can pm me i'd really appreciate it, or if you give me your email.

pd: my email is

Thx for all.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:28 am
by Nelsona
I sent you last version. I'll send you source code if you want to do modifications. Tell me if exist problems in play (not caused by map or engine), I'm curious about what you can see and couldn't see if might be a problem or not with anything.

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:05 am
by Nelsona
Bump according to MH game-types.

Right now I have some of those attached MH types, a MH2 version in testing stage using normal maps according to UT99 net play VIA default 1023 channels used between a Server and a Client. The rest goes to trash-box ignoring said "fun", because I don't see any fun in a game with warping monsters and FPS going in trash values.

This new MH2 has capability to use some new iterators and modifiers operated by XC_Engine v19, it is also capable of running on a Win machine started using a new server commandlet - a new run-line, else it might run into a default UT server as well - in fact this is a dual hybrid MH2. It do includes regens, but rewritten ones, based on State Code and not Timer code, it has an add-on controller for tracking pawn monster when it's about Skaarj and their old issues and other weapon-holders. Regarding to these attached MH2 types which were not that completed, we might have Bot Support added (I have even other Bots into my Servers compatible with default game controllers) Bots are working in known MH maps with Bot support and not retarded empty cubes.
At the right time controller will have a document with tweaking lists and which tweaks are removed due to XCGE fixations.
Mainly there is also another mutator used for triggering XC_Engine power (like MapVote) starting in run-line for a higher priority able to replace execution of nasty functions with other codes rewritten. By example if you have never seen a Razorjack in a default MonsterHunt game, by using this mutator and XCGEv19, you'll see RazorJack and even Skaarj holding this thing because default function ReplaceWith has another execution. The rest of stuff means faster iterators used for A.I. guiding. As a note, the 3rd HUD (has 3 configurable HUD types) contains Tick-Rate info. Simply server shows to player when has problems in order to clarify how retarded is that loaded "Map". Goal is making "mappers" to understand how to manage Net resources used by UT99 in MH game-type and to stop bullshitting about "powerz" which doesn't exist after all - all we have in this ancient game:
- a 32 bits engine;
- 0 .. 1023 channels for updating actors;
- 4 touching actors / trigger - the rest is blabbering;
- 32 players primary gameinfo array;
- Max. 64 zones / Level - use Server-Travel for more story.
And so on...

Re: Another MonsterHunt game-type ?

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:24 pm
by evilgrins
When they made the =Food Fight= mod I was impressed with the CaptureTheBurger gametype that came with it.

Why not something like that involving MH?

Little known aspect to the MonsterMadness mutator is a unique monster built into it called the TestQueen. It's about the size of your boot, and it can't hurt you even though it tries. So despite it trying to hit you and shoot you (it's firepower is completely harmless) that could be the flag.

It'd need to be extracted out of MM first, or a custom version of it would need to be built... but...

You fight your way into the enemy base, you chase down the TestQueen/Flag as it tries to not let you, and then you take it back to your base... where you have to chase down your own team's Flag/TestQueen in order to tag up and score.