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- Monster Seeker -

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:55 pm
by Nelsona
Hello to everybody. If I'm not disturbing in this section I will describe some troubles but result cannot be so bad.

MonsterHunt development is not really possible as long as the game is the same MonsterHunt will create only mismatch troubles for everybody. Is logic, I post this for any new player in MH or even old player.

If someone is installing MonsterHunt mod in his UT client game will be able to see a new TAB in menu Find Internet Games with title Monster Hunt. In fact, for me this is history. For example, my client version no longer need MonsterHunt.u and files for browsing MonsterHunt game. Why I did this ? Because once I saw a MonsterHunt server but I was unable to contact it receiving a MONSTERHUNT MISMATCH FILE VERSION. If an admin is trying to use other MonsterHunt.u file than version 503 will result mismatch for anybody. This tool allow to any player to browse 5 game-types with monsters without using the desired mod to be installed in UT client player, and will avoid any mismatch.

Why happened this. I think that admin made some corrections to MonsterHunt.u file I mean he/she recompiled the game resulting in an empty server because of mismatch errors returned to players.

This tool is for opening a few TABs which are meant for finding servers containing game-types with monsters.
Examples: MonsterHunt, MonsterHuntArena, MonsterHuntPlus, TeamMonsterHunt, Survival Game. These TABS have game title and sufix MS (MonsterSeeker) for recognizing this browser's TABS created. For uninstall this tool you have to delete MonsterSeeker.u and from system folder of UT game and done. I don't expect to see more Survival servers or MonsterHuntPlus, these mods seems to be dissapeared from Earth but I did the tool, maybe someone will start again such a server.

If you want, this tool will be added in my downloads page, the file size is aprox 13 kb, but I'm ready to add a short TXT file with informations about how to use it (very easy, 2 small files copied in system folder of UT).

I'm waiting for any other sugestion about other games with monsters to be added for browsing in desired TABs. If you don't have any suggestion I'm ready to release it.

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:15 am
by Hermskii
Very interesting. I will wait until you release it and take a look at it. This may be a very big deal for newer MH players that don't understand the errors they get. Nice work!

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:55 pm
by Skillz
Chances are the File mismatch error you got on MonsterHunt.u was from version 500 that is still being distributed by some places. Version 500 was the original "UMOD" available from Shrimp, he made some changes and released the patched version 503 as a standalone .U file to just over write. Some people still have that original UMOD hosted for downloads. I repackaged a new UMOD file with the 503 for distribution, but some places haven't updated their downloads.

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:22 pm
by Nelsona
I did this exactly for players. Let me introduce first little details:
1) New Tab for Browse MonsterHunt game - 3 MasterServers not only one - No need to install MonstersHunt Package any
2) New Tab for Browse MonsterHuntPlus
3) New Tab for Browse TeamMH (Team MonsterHunt)
4) New Tab for Browse SurvivalGame (a game with monsters)

This tool has a PDF document included for some details. Anyway my e-mail is available described there for any other troubles discovered.

I did this exactly for give some options to admins of MH servers to fix their MonsterHunt503 without RazorJack, destroyed quadshot, Monster vs Monster fight and kill (this can be done via mutators) but not all fixes will work better only using mutators. Faster functions can always replace slower and harmfull functions contained by common version of MH. As long as a player will use only a browser for this game, will never be a problem mismatching errors. In cache as you know, UT can store the same 3 files with the same name without any problem. Example: I found in my cache 3 versions of Spinner.u, I didn't have one in system, and I was able to contact any server without any mismatch.

In fact, This small tool is available in my webpage at downloads section
Home Page - I'm using a non-standard port for avoid an invasion of Internet bots and other troubles.

A closer one link: ...

Unfortunately some mods to be browsed will report 0 servers, which means those mods are available in a server using multi vote facility, other gametype must be voted or else will be MH by default. But this browser is ready to spy 4 games asking 3 MasterServers. Is take a few seconds (need responses) but will see a list with all MH servers and even others if they are active.

Other reason for this: Last year 1 MasterServer responsable for MH browsing was down 2 times. As result, I was almost to give up to UT, I thought UT is ending it's life. I added 2 aditional Masters for backup. Of course I can make other version for players to browse 7 MasterServers, but response will be slower. I think is enough 3, because Linux based servers seems to have troubles in doing uplink to more than 3 Masters.

If you have any questions, sugestions, I'm ready to listen any ideea.

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:01 am
by Nelsona
MM, back after a while. Link is accesible now (I turned off temporary anti-leech for be able to download it), but you check any other download direct in main page at port 8000, will be redirected to 9000 where you can find anything that can be usefull.

We can talk about any new MonsterHunt game-type using any comunication if is necesary for avoid spaming this forum.

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:08 am
by Nelsona
This is not a bump, is a small information

If some people downloaded this browser to use it, to host it, is ok. Starting from now on I'll stop my downloads for a while, I really don't have reason to look at logs what is downloaded. Based on files downloaded from my host I could determine what are looking for, some "players".

I won't support a so called modding and whatever mapping with crappy files. The style used in mapping last time is almost the same except a few cases (my respect for those guys with a different style).

Also a few admins are encouraging a lame hunt (I finished a map in less than 2 minutes) I think any future player didn't had enough time to download all files from redirect server because I already ended a stupid map with 10 ends added in the same place. This demonstration of stupidity triggered me each day to go out of this mess developed and called MonsterHunt. People didn't understood what is mean MonsterHunt - was meant as a game, a challenge for experienced dudes wanting something different than a common DM - as said an old admin. But last 2 years all kind of tools are used making possible cheating of old maps creating shortcuts without to hunt as should.

I developed MonsterSeeker to avoid a mismatch related to MonsterHunt file, but seems to be useless, admins are just throwing craps in servers encouraging noob style, not experimenting some new versions with integrated fixes.

Re: - Monster Seeker -

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:14 pm
by Hermskii
Can you send me a picture of it? Do it in a PM at my forum please. Here too if you want.