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Re: DanesSkaarjFix

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This mutator will be good for more servers.
Of course I don't need it because I resolved problem in my latest mutator, also UTJMH3 and UTJMH403UU has fixed this crap. Is about an important thing to do, each 2-3 seconds to check in map for SkaarjTrooper (any of this class) and set bIsPlayer = False. Anyway is a good ideea for such an aditional mutator because UTJMH2.9 and MonsterHunt2v3 are not fixed, just an attempt to be fixed but failed, just an anoying function loaded unsuccesfull (and was so simple to fix it, :P). I can make a mutator for put all monsters in a Team but will ruin game, and you don't want to see about F1 summary when are 200 monsters in a map.

Is tested UTJMH3 and is OK, even with SkaarjTroopers spawned later by CreatureFactory.
In 2-3 seconds they have a minigun (I suggest to not modify code and give them a SniperRifle because they are very skilled in aiming at headshot), and of course automatically are removed from F5 view.

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