What is your favorite map?

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Luke wrote:Dead city 1... zombies dont stop coming, and the first cutscene glitches the player (Removed it, it's as MH-DeadCity_Fixed) on my server :)

Dead city 2/3 overpowers you all :P

Dead city 4 crashes all of my friends (Most of them use D3D, i use ogl.. yay open gl!)

Yay for deadcity!

¬.¬ my friend says there is an unofficial deadcity 5 and 6, but i can't see them ;P

Now, the pluses...

DeadCity2+ is awesome, it's fun because i like messing around in this map.
DeadCity3+ is awesome too, more zombies, no monsterend, most decorations outside removed (DAMN THEM EMITTERS! :D) So i don't lag on it anymore, i like this one :)
Were do you get openGL?
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fav map: MH-ATAOO @ lotz of action :P ... hate them puzzle'n'jumping maps, Monsterhunt is suposed to be hunting monsters :naughty:

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BT has no place in MH maps. PortalGun ftw!!

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BT... Yuk :P

No seeing me there
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I totally disagree, some of the bt MH maps are fun, adds something different to it, if ya dont like it, then dont vote for it. If it wasn't for some bt in some of the maps, i wouldn't really even know how to jump much from ledge to ledge, now i'm ok at it and can get around. Just another skill to have. It's easy to shoot at fat brutes all the time, ;)

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Very Fun... good story and very good desinging
Another good story map which is what i focus on and the designing is excelent also
An old Map by me that is fun to play with a m8 but not good for public server play
Very good Design, but the story i think lets it down
A Very good design progress map, but i have a few questions about this map, there is one point where you can easily be spawnkilled, The story Is a bit off aswell.

All of them above are my fav tho, notice all of them where either done by NR2000 derdark or me xD
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My fav maps:

Andromeda - It has some BT, which is good, specially because you don´t need to get through it to win the level so you don´t force players to jump if they don´t want to. Also like the design, the difficulty level; and of course, the music. For me, it has the best music of all monster hunt maps. The thing I don´t like of it is the underwater part.

LongCorridor - I like the difficulty and the design. Again, I don´t like the underwater part.

Alarm- I really like that map. It is hard enough to test your skills, and you also have the option to grab an insta if you can.

LostSouls- The design is good, but is not that hard. What I like of it is the last part, when you have to protect the mercs. It is a good way to show some teamwork, but it´s incredible how some people can´t understand "DON´T KILL THE MERCS"

MJDfix@- I like it because of the BT. On that map I focus on the BT, I think I never killed more than 10 monsters on that map :lol:

The maps I don´t like (I know that´s not the subject, but ... :lol: )

All those ATAA, too many monsters could be annoying.

DeadCity- Yes, I don´t like it. Why? Because I hate those zombies with their supernatural jumps :squint: , and also because it´s impossible to win it by yourself. You need cooperation, and most of the times players only like to hide and survive during night and to hang around during day! I mean, when are they planning to attack? :lol:


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I can beat all dead city maps solo!! You dont need others to beat it!! ;)

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LOL :eek3:

My skills might not be as good as I thought. :lol:


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my favourite map

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My favourite Maps are:

cya Guys

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