How to use the Pulse Beam incorrectly.

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How to use the Pulse Beam incorrectly.

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"~SiN~Twisty's_Broken: badwill for the 95th time your pulse beam doesn't go that far"

I just had to upload this. Sorry for the poor quality as well. It seems that Youtube, for whatever reason, cuts down the quality a lot. I don't know why this is, but on my original file, everything is crystal clear.

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Hhaha! I was there for that!! Youtube degrades the quality to save space.
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Post by UTvixen »

I saw that a lot when i played. Id try to explain, but they either spoke spanish or portugese.

Reiyel was nice enough to translate though. :)

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Post by twistytank »

hehe somehow i knew when i opened this my comment to badwill might be part of the post
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