Monster hunt Attomic MHA

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Monster hunt Attomic MHA

Post by Letylove49 »

here the website of our team :

UT Server :

Leader : Mister_under

Admins : Zasz , Alya , Letylove49

Setting :
MonsterHunt2beta3MHA3 ( MonsterhuntGold customized)
Nexgen112M ( MHA edition)

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Re: Monster hunt Attomic MHA

Post by Nelsona »

Oo, nice...

I visited that server once, map was enough messed and I wanted to vote other. Well, my vote not worked. Some dudes camping all day in server bugged votes just for rank. Great ! Enjoy your rank because I enjoy servers with 200th-300th rank, :cool: .
Well, who teached me this ? A 12 years old kid :wiggle: .

Btw, I noticed something "good". A player won't lose a point if is killed by monsters :lol: . So, I brought some monsters in start area to kill campers constantly :naughty: . And the server will run with some action :D.

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