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WOW! HOF server

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:50 am
by War_Master
I just got banned from the HOF MH server by this guy Beetlejuice_hof because I was notifying that one of their default music file was giving a mismatch, as well as most of many other custom files that they have there with the wrong version. I was wondering if that server is just for the mentally retarded that have to delete files from cache/installed in order to play in that specific server. I mean what is wrong with these people? Are they really that ignorant?

Whats even worse is giving admin rights to people like that Beetlejuice guy that seems to have an IQ of a 5 year old who does not comprehend the meaning of understanding.

But hey, who cares getting banned from there, when that server is known to be the shittiest server ever known in MH history, right.

So yeah, I remember when I offered them to make a mutator for a fair score system for their server that will give 1 frag for every 100 damage on a monster and I was quickly accused of being a cheating hacker because in their opinion, "it wasn't fair". On the next game, I realized that their admins like to cheat by spawning SuperShockRifles to get the kills on monsters in order to get the highest score then everyone else, LOL. What's funny is that they kept doing it in games a row where the weapon was only spawned where only the admins can get it. But hey, you can tell the kind of people they are when they're just being hypocrites about cheating, which is what they mostly do there as admins. Later on, I realized that most of their players were playing on other servers instead and saw how dead their server have been since months ago, LOL. I mean, what do they gain by doing such things? Are they trying to kill the MH community and the game itself by mismatching every file as possible, or are they just that retarded and ignorant?

No offense, but, they really show what they're all about and so are the people helping them.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:06 pm
by Hermskii
Seems odd to me that they would ban you for trying to help. How long has this admin been there? Do they list who the admins are? I just recently joined over there and all seems normal. Their crowd is young for sure but they seem to be OK to me. Was it a post you made? Where is it? You are pretty widely respected throughout the UT community. You may want to contact Schlong and see if he share's in his admins decision making process. I think I would have sent that email before posting negative stuff here first though. You still in good with anyone there?

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:45 am
by War_Master
yeah, this was some new guy I've been seeing there lately and I remember him getting mad at me because I was getting highest score than he did to a point that he will curse and then leave.

The only reason I played there was because some members that joined there used to play a lot at Fuzz's server and I enjoyed playing with them as they would vote for the new maps so I can check them out. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks what I think about that kid and some others, and seems to me that he's pretty ignorant by trying to make me subscribe to a site I have no interest on just to report about some mismatches when he's a supposed to be admin there that can pass the word about it easily. Anyway, from what I've read about these people before I've been proven that what you call negative stuff is actually the truth posted as a warning to those that don't expect it.

And so on, I will not email anybody for something so meaningless when I care not about it, or go to such levels when my purpose here is to warn others about that community.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:03 am
by Skillz

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:20 am
by Nelsona
Hm, I don't know the criteria of being admin at HOF. I noticed running one of my fist works in coding for UT, mod not game-type based on UTJMH2.9 but tweaked to be basic more ok with MH. Maybe some asorted admins there are retarded, in fact human trashes. They didn't understood at all what means a mismatch. They really believe that they are cool just because of a title offered by Nexgen (when a retard is presented in HUD as being L3 to Lx admin will call all friends to show them what kind of cool guy is him). Of course they have a problem with scoring. If a player is good at MH delivering score, they start a frustrating behavior of that player in game. Let me present my example. Delivering a good score in a map with RocketX3 crappy stuff, some dudes started shooting me destroying my rocket making me to fall and die to lose score to not be presented at game end. Even with this behavior looking stupid, I made a good score being the winner. Why I could do that ? I just watched at score. Map was a crap, when I had the max score again, I just finished the map triggering the end, proving their stupidity. So, those losers joined observed my score taunting shits. Starting from that match I didn't visited so much that server, rarely I joined for a few seconds watching at game style.

Be sure, War_Master, your score at Fuzz's server is not loved be a few idiots players-admins milling around HOF server or other like this.

The server seems to be "improved" now, to be banned because you noticed a mismatch ? The server is leaded by "high quality" admins. Maybe the Owner don't have time right now to check what is in his yard and he trusted some crazy guys, giving them admin rights.

Even when I had server opened with unusual stuff (my very noob time), I was asked for admin rights by all kind of dudes very skilled in Summon command, but I didn't see them to have some knowledge in admin skills or whatever coding, and later I configured server to not be loved by any of such guy which just looked for ranking, making a server to be a crap.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:05 pm
by Hermskii
I see over there where there is a discussion on there forum about this. Several have said the admin was wrong and others supported him. I hear it was a 3 map ban only. Another admin over there jumped in and blasted Inhuman for not understanding that they are aware they do things differently at a known cost of file mismatches etc etc.

This looks like one of those no-win situations. Everyone has some right and some wrong in it. Part of the wrong was their guy who kicked you too fast and didn't try to support more. Your wrong in called him stupid for not helping as fast as you wanted. Yeah, this is a no-win case.

I hate that it happened at all and I hope you do get to talk to some higher ups over there and find a way to meet in the middle.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:59 pm
by Nelsona
No-win or win but when somebody talk about a file which is causing mismatch and no solution to solve this important issue (this is not funny - make the server less populated), and even banning him for some matches... How is this ?

The point(s) is (are):
- I never had such admin;
- Also a good admin (L7 - not one) had some remote acces to see the server (this means I presented the server considered a duty to inform the man about what he/she leads);
- Other thing is a kind of antihack or anti-whatever technology - nobody could to develop a ban without to consult me and to talk with me what is about (each time server restored initial state - and this was presented too to avoid trying anything bad).

So, I dunno what they talked about - simply hearing about a crappy kick/ban because of an information make me to avoid such a place, even I'm not curious to see arguments. A kid with admin power ? Nice crap what can I say.

I wasn't first time a victim of a ban like this (abussive). Once (a few years ago I entered in a CTF server), I was kicked and later banned for an assumed HIGH PING. Some players there had 125 ms, I had 65 ms but I was kicked and banned. Maybe a loser tested a server tool used to restrict access and I was the Lab Rat...

Maybe is out of topic but exactly reasons like these made me to build my own place not be frustrated by "admins"...

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:03 am
by War_Master
Well, first of all Hermskii, I was not wrong on calling anybody stupid like you say I did because I did not call anyone stupid in the first place. You might want to point me at where I did so I can clarify that mistake. And I know you support that clan but putting words on me which you might've say I did, will not work in making my post to go against me... I don't think so.

So yeah, like I said before, I will not care about helping those people anymore since I know they won't fix any of their mismatching files. Like I mentioned before, they have a collection of all the wrong files from the mismatches I've found and sadly, the people that go there to collect maps and other files will then open their own servers and spread the file mismatches even more. I remember reading before that Gopostal was the one who built that server and placed most of those mismatching files, and some mentioned that he just did that to take revenge on the MH community to kill the gametype because of what he's done before to get himself banned from most places. I don't know if that is true but I do know that he told me himself that he did build that server, and surely that was after dragging those files onto PMH which are also the wrong files from what I've experienced. This was one of the reasons why I stopped playing at PMH server and specially because Skillz warned me about what he has done.

I don't blame the hof owner that much but letting someone like gopostal build his server with the reputation he has is pretty amusing on a way. If the hof owner actually knew or cared about his server or the MH community as well as the players he sends there, he would've done something about it by now but instead I'm seeing DEFAULT GAME FILES being mismatched now. I mean wtf, It doesn't take a genius to realize if you have installed a different file when you upload it into the server's ftp or in the folder from the PC you're using to host the server. So, what will his excuse be on this point of view? I'm pretty sure its going to be something like this... "my little brother did it!"... "and hes 7, and he's 2 years younger then me"

Anyways, all I'm saying is that if you know anybody who wants to open a new MH server, you should tell them to completely avoid the hof server to gain files. Specially if they're new at MH and/or admining one. And try your hardest to keep away from such server or helping them out because this might be the experience you will get fo sho.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:23 am
by Hermskii
LOL. OK War_Master It seems you were right. You did not call him stupid. You said:

"I'll just find someone else with a higher IQ to pass the word for me to see if that can be fixed"

I can see that the person you were speaking to possibly was only as smart as genius and yet that still didn't satisfy your needs in the realm of your need to communicate with someone about this issue you encountered. So you mention that you'd just take it to someone else who is more intelligent than that that guy is all.

Yeah, I struggle to see where he took offense. LOL.

You wanted to see the topic which shows the whole discussion so here it is:

You are right too. I did in fact just join the HOF forums about a month ago. Do I support them? No. Am I against supporting them? No. They seems to have their issues just like every other massive forum does but they haven't had any issues with me at all and I have no issues with them so it is all good! They have been very pleasant in fact and as usual I mind my manners when on other people's forums.

I'm not siding with anybody here. I can't. It is my opinion that the entire thing could have been handled better from the start. It was just a day for a "perfect storm" I suppose. I have nothing else to say about this issue at this point but I have sneaky suspicion that this isn't over just yet. LOL.

Re: WOW! HOF server

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:07 am
by War_Master
"To me, someone got a lil upset that he was called a dumbass and decided to use his ban stick to feel better. Keep in mind that I'm going off what I see, and normally when someone is courteous enough to say hi to new players and doesn't use bad language (I like this Inhuman guy cuz he played it safe and kept it civilized, the right way to do things), it's safe to assume they being an adult about the situation."

Looks like someone has the intelligence to understand what is being said to him. I think this person has a wide understanding of the english language and isnt taking ignorance with personal feelings. I would say that he should make a much better admin then the instigator which caused this situation. Sadly to say, most of those on that clan and forums think that having a higher IQ then others means that the one with lower percentage of it is a "dumbass" to them and feel offended about it. And what's worse is that they put that word/statement as if I directly said it to that guy in my own words... what do you know! I'll say, is that the best defense to cover his wrong actions by involving someone else into his defense in order to make it look that he wasn't wrong when he actually was and tries to play the victim? I mean, Geesh, this seems like child's play which it actually is, and several are falling for it just because they want to make themselves look good by supporting their so called clan/community... obviously.

Just to say, anybody with logical understanding can realize what the whole situation here and there is all about and where its going. By seeing who posted the screenshot I would say that he/she is the mother of the instigator trying to make people there look the other way instead, LOL... hummm... doh!

I'm glad you support them Hermskii, even when you try to convince otherwise, but they brought the clear proof of the conversation from the console screenshots of his actions that really make no sense into making it a ban after clearly being rude on a report. Yeah, I would like to see the response that you're so eager to do so. I don't know if you're still mad at me for not admining your server when you requested me to, or from not making you an MH mod that I said I could make, or from playing at your server where a lot of peeps with your clan tag were being insultive to many others and myself which made me quit from going back to a point that owners of the servers I played at had to ban them and I was blamed about it since I happened to be an admin there, or for some other reason you can imagine if you like. Well, all I can say is that I have nothing against you at all and you can come up with anything negative towards me or pretend you're neutral in the situation to make yourself look good and feel relaxed... how's that?

What I don't really understand is why brattzilla insists into making players use cache cleaner to force players from removing a bad mismatching default file which their server is the one causing it. Little that Brattzilla know, is that I know way more about mapping, modding, admining for this game then most and maybe all of them there as I have built and admined more then a dozen MH servers in the history of the mod when they just started doing so. It doesn't really matter to me if they say they don't have the wrong files of most MH map related mods when in fact most of them came from the Ikareta community I used to play with a lot and I was able to collect all final versions of their work since I played in their server until the last announced week. Now, lying to the people at their forums about this fact is pretty embarrassing I would believe, specially if they're trying to make me look as an ignorant noob who won't use cache cleaner to remove files that came with the game with an edited one they have in their server when I can actually make a whole different game out of the Unreal1Engine if I wanted to. And that besides me knowing the exact variable in an Unreal file that causes a mismatch by byte hacking it... Now, that's just LOL