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Re: WOW! HOF server

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I'm very confused. You made a post saying you got banned. You posted this with the user-name War_Master. The person banned per the link you requested to see and I posted was -=Inhuman=- and I have been sitting here thinking you and -Inhuman=- are the same person but then you talking about -=Inhuman=- as though he is a different person than you. Are you and -=Inhuman=- the same or different people?

I'm confused also why when I clearly said that I don't support HOF and that I said I don't not support them meaning I am as neutral as can be that you assume I do support them. Were you drinking during your last response? I know that my responses aren't as clear as they could be when I post while drinking beer. back to the point...yeah I think their admin could have handled the situation better and I think -=Inhuman=- could have too. I already said that though didn't i?

I'm not mad at you at all War_Master. I told you about the responses on their forum and provided a link too. I pointed out that the argument leans both ways just as I feel about it. By the way, if I asked you to be an Admin on one of my servers before and you said no to me I have no recollection of that but you would not have been the first. Wait! Maybe you were the first but not the last. LOL. Either way it doesn't matter. I've had people agree to be admins and I've had people say no. I would guess the mod you say I asked you to make is the one I use now. I don't recall that either. Do you recall what I had asked of you back then? Did you ever come out and tell me you would not do it? I can't be mad at someone for choosing not to do work for me right? About my clan tag, I don't have a clan. I have never had a clan. yes, there are/were people that played on my server that put the {MHM} tag in front of their name then went over to other places and acted the fools they were. Most of those folks have been banned from my place as well and I applaud you for banning anyone who breaks the rules at your place. I ban people for breaking the rules all of the time! I do feel bad that there were people that behaved poorly eslewhere and made my site look bad by wearing a tag that referenced people back to my server and forum. On behalf of them though they exist no more since i banned them all, I apologize.

I'm happy to hear you have nothing against me and like I said, I have no ill will towrds you at all. As I said in the top post, I think you are a well respected member of the UT community. Again I ask: War_Master and -=Inhuman=- are the same or different people?
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Re: WOW! HOF server

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oh wow... really. I won't recollect anything as well then. It was pretty clearly said and done lol. I don't see how you would get confused either, specially when it was mentioned at the very beginning of the post.

Said everything that had to be said, and the rest, I care not.

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