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I want to ask: do you use a Nali Weapons on your server?

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Post by waffles »

No, there's a separate server of it.
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Re: Ask

Post by Feralidragon »

There was a time I could count about 5 public ones and a few private ones.
Now there's just about 3 public ones lol

Last year people started to place NW2X a lot in at least 1 of their MH servers (which was a bit annoying even for me, since players want variety), but most of them quited at the first version (lag), and some others at the second version (filesize).

Let's see what will happen with the new version (the pack should give distinct servers all by itself by just hosting more or less weapons, tweaking this and that to change the gameplay in quite brutal ways (balanced, fun, normal, spammy, whatever you want).

So even if there are an impossible amount of servers with them (like 10 for example, which won't most likelly happen), all of them can have very different settings and very different levels of gameplay within each gametype...

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Re: Ask

Post by killerbee »

There is an Monsterhunt Server with the Nali Weapons XII on, u can find it here


(Later will this version of NW be replaced for the NW III package, wich is being developed atm!)



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Re: Ask

Post by WelshBoy74 »

Can't wait for them, the Nali Weapons II were awesome. The Nali Weapons III will be much better again. :D

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