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Package version mismatches

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A very frustrating happening is those often upcoming "Package version mismatch" failure when I play on different MonsterHunt game servers. For any reason packages and maps are not renamed when changed and released by somebody. :squint:

The only trouble solver seems to be to rename the packages and to rebuild the maps with those renamed packages (or just replace the stuff in the map without rebuilding). A lot of work to do, and even more a pain in the ass when packages with "package version mismatch" have relations to other packages with "package version mismatch", then I have to rebuild and rename the packages too. :ugh:

After all a big big PLEASE do rename every version of your packages and maps after releasing!

and I'm sure lots of the few remaining UT99 monster hunters will be very happy :) :) :)
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Post by War_Master »

this is the biggest problem in MH that have been discussed several times already. Sadly, people that make maps need to update some mistakes or fix bugs that happen to be in a separate package but not rename them because it cant be done sometimes. This has to be prevented by server admins actually, they need to update those old packages with the new ones so that serves as an example to other server hosters in order for everyone to download the new versions. I have seen many mismatches from a single package where every server has a different version and causing this problem to spread even more in MH and making it difficult for everyone else. The best way to try and prevent this is by having the community gather all the new versions of any package/map they mismatch and wrap it in a zip file for a public download that can be informed to server hosts.

Most of the mismatches come from the japanese server because they never rename their files even though they test allowing anyone in the server. They only inform it in their website which their players already know what to do if they have a mismatch. Then, some other people gets that old version and host a server with it and this is when it all happens... we are stucked with the wrong version of the file.

Also, the server with the most mismatches are the HOF servers and is whats making this mismatching problem even worse since most players go there.

Another thing, you always have to rebuild a map or the info of the actors from the package that you removed will still remain and will still require the package anyways. What you dont really have to rebuild from an already finished map is the BSP and Geometry or you will screw it up if you didnt rebuild it like the actual mapper did, or if you dont know what youre doing.

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The newest version is not always the best, the opposite even, in too many occurences I have seen worthless mappers edit into STOCK packages to add their even more worthless crappy looking textures and release their maps with these murdered texture packages. These sort of maps should be banned and deleted and their mappers, creating the mismatches in the first place banned and burned.

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