Can you put UTMcoop on your server

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Can you put UTMcoop on your server

Post by adil11223344 »

It will be fun! :wiggle:

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Post by EA_Elemental »

Planet monster hunt members are monsters... oh god -_- although what am i talking about... i am a skaarj :madfawk:

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Post by HornD »

Lol. Can i this make on my server? Or is this better for offline operation.

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Post by --=BliZz=-- »

dont think this will come on the server cause this only means more stuff to download when its on it and less peolple cause they need to download to much for my maps and other stuff UT Development Team

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Post by HornD »

Can't on the Server. Its suckt online :meh:

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Post by nath2008uk »

NO more CRAP is going on this server, and that's my word :)

Have you people not SEEN ut2004 Invasion?
EVERY SINGLE SERVER has been modded, and nearly all of them have RPG, Crap little square maps made by 9 year olds, and other hyper mods.

I want a simple classic PMH server.

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Post by H꣣Fï®è »

I played UTMcoop on a fun server once.
Was pretty fun and I believe it wasn't that much to download.
But it isn't my server I just say my opinion :lol:

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Post by [Alpha]-0mega- »

I've seen UT2k4 invasion but it wasn't *that* bad. xd

Though invasion itself is a bit too easy imho (Due to the way most maps are built)

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