Server Crashed

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Server Crashed

Post by Skillz »

Sorry that the site had been down since sometime lastnight. Seems a power failure corrupted the hard disks. So far I have been able to recover everything for the web sites, so nothing has been lost that I wasn't able to recover.

This site should be back up and fully function as of now though.
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Post by TwilightAmbiance »

Thanks goodness! I was worried that the site had gone away forever. :noes:

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Post by slapdown3 »

i like your servers dont play much but my name is KAPITAN_FISH :wiggle:
if tommorows another day then what is today?


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Post by adil11223344 »

I was going to be so... (omg can't find the word for it) if the website was gone...

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Post by pingi »

TwilightAmbiance wrote:Thanks goodness! I was worried that the site had gone away forever. :noes:

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