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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce the second installment of KOTR. The first tournament was a resounding success with Dewsick emerging as the victor and Paulie4567 as the cinderella story. When we started the tournament, we were small time. 55 signed up, 45 showed up and 4 rounds were needed to determine a champion. For this installment, I have something different in mind. The goal is 100+ signups with 5 rounds of elimination. 100+ people? Are you crazy? The long and short answers are both: Yes.

KOTR Website:

IRC: #iPug

What day/time will the tournament take place?
Sunday September 30th @ 3:30pm EST. Estimated duration 5hrs.

How will signups work?
First come, first serve. Signup and guarantee your spot in the tournament.

Seeding/Elimination method?
There will be a community poll mixed with admin discretion to determine the top 30 favorites of the tournament. If there are 10 heats of 10, the top 30 will be distributed equally amongst the initial heats. The rest of the players will be randomly placed amongst these heats. The rounds will go as follows: 100-80-40-20-10-1. So, 2-5-5-5-9 for each respective round.

How will players be re-seeded going into future rounds?
The players that advance will be ordered by frag total and re-seeded based on total frags, not placement in the previous round. Placement solely determines advancement.

What is the maplist?

Round 1 - Deck16

Round 2 - Viridian

Round 3 - Liandri

Round 4 - Curse

Round 5 - StalwartXL

Map Notes: Deck16 was the championship map for the inaugural tournament. I figured that I would switch up the rotation and have everyone start out on this classic. Liandri will have a few minor edits (nothing game changing for 99.99% of participants.. can call it the detox edition). Viridian is new to the maplist but as the second most popular iTDM 2v2v2v2 map in #iPug, it earned it's place. The map will be cramped and frag heavy, I'm expect high scores on it. The final map in the second installment of KOTR II will be StalwartXL. Hate it or love it, it's the Duku of iDM and the champion will have to persevere through a high fragging bloodbath against the top global talent.

Will newnet be used?
Yes. ZP is extinct in #iPug and on GlobalUnreal.

Heat Length:
15mins in the first 4 rounds, 20mins for the finals.

Main 3 Objectives:
1. Attract the top international hitscan talent for a gigantic tournament.
2. Expand tournament sizes and expectations.
3. Gain momentum going into season two of Global.iCTF.

Media Content:
The top fragger from each round will submit their demo to me and I will have it fraps'd and put on YT to archive. GoodGuyGrins will also be on the microphone keeping people up to date on the happenings of the tournament. iDM might not be the "most interesting" thing to stream but I can guarantee that we'll be keeping it entertaining.


I'm expecting to see a large turnout for this event. The competition will be deep but all skill levels are welcomed/encouraged and people should try and advance as far as they can. The Global.iCTF draft will happen two weeks after this event, so show up and strut your stuff while supporting the community.

Signup here:

Any questions? Post them or find me on IRC. Global.iCTF S2 details on the way.

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