Files UT99 and UT2004

If you've uploaded files to the FTP, then post in here so the staff will know what to do with them.
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Files UT99 and UT2004

Post by [SCF]_Mr_X »

For those searching files UT99 and UT2004, I communicated this address.

I have compiled all the files I have.
I'm sorry but the download is quite slow.

We hope you find what you need

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Re: Files UT99 and UT2004

Post by Skillz »

I think I've figured out that your hosting this on your home connection, which is fine until the IP changes. You should consider getting setup so that you can have a more static URL to point to your web server you are hosting, instead of having to change the IP every time you get a new one assigned.

It's a free service, I use it for my personal use as well.
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