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If you've uploaded files to the FTP, then post in here so the staff will know what to do with them.
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New to UT-Files

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I decided to fire up the old WOH INV RPG server, just for old times sake, and went with PingPerfect instead using GameServers as a hosting provider since GS was really difficult to work with. Unfortunately PP does not have a redirect server stateside and files are taking horribly long to download - the redirect server is in England. I found looking for local http redirects and tried it and some of the files are fast and some slow. I was wondering since alot of the posts here are old, a few things, 1) I wanna upload the files that are not working since UT-Files seems to be the big collector of UT 2004 files, 2)get 2 private redirects just for both of my 2004 servers, there is no form I found and it states I have to posts 3 posts, I am hoping this long post will make up for it.

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Re: New to UT-Files

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1. You'll still need 3 posts. The forums will automatically grant you access.
2. You only need one redirect for both servers. Private or otherwise. Having more than one redirect has no benefit at all unless they're hosted in different locations and load balanced.
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