ok i think i doing it

If you've uploaded files to the FTP, then post in here so the staff will know what to do with them.
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ok i think i doing it

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ok i think iam up loading files lol i found a (net frame work 1.1.4332) windows 7 64 bit link that works i will post link later i have to capy the stuff from one computer to a nother but it made my rsc version 222 conect to uzi files site . so if u find some wierd files they mine iif i did it wrong plz dont ban me wait for me i will get sooner or later , i was doing all this and then DET came by and change my meter out , just my luck then after thay did my power went out and had to start over
up loading but i think its doing it now as i type this letter :blue:

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Re: ok i think i doing it

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Good luck!
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