Many files..

If you've uploaded files to the FTP, then post in here so the staff will know what to do with them.
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Many files..

Post by Phoenix »

Hey, guys I'm still new at setting up with redirect so please Forgive me if these are not correctly placed.

utcompv17a.u.uz2 is a Mod

UAdminModV095b.u.uz2 is a Mod

TitanRPG160-Update2.u.uz2 is a Mod

PortalGun.u.uz2 is a Mod

OMFG.u.uz2 is a Mod

MutDMShieldGun.u.uz2 is a Mutator

MoverrifleB.u.uz2 is a Mod

Klasnic-Phoenix.upl.uz2 is a Skin

CnS2k4.u.uz2 is a Mod

ClanManager1g_Fix.u.uz2 is a Mod

AdminPlus_v14.u.uz2 is an Admin file. Again, Please forgive me if i got this wrong.

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Re: Many files..

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Thanks but you don't have to explain the redirect files.
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