UT-SLV Community Rainmeter Skin

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UT-SLV Community Rainmeter Skin

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It currently works for displaying the UT99 SLV servers. You can modify it so it will work for your servers aswell, but you need to query from a page like Universal Unreal. Can be customized. When you hover over a server you will see the server stats and when you click on the server you instantly connect.
See development/included readme for full details!
Development topic: http://www.ut-slv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5500

DeviantArt (note this has a different parser that doesn't work anymore):
http://g00glen00b.deviantart.com/galler ... 0#/d2qljbc

Name: UT-SLV Community Rainmeter Skin.zip
Use: Skin for Rainmeter that allows you to check Server status on your desktop. --> Utilities
Requires: Rainmeter needs to be installed!
Game: Unreal Tournament

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Re: UT-SLV Community Rainmeter Skin

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